Free Contemporary Foreign Language Teacher Resume Template

To get that standout job, you need a resume to match. The contemporary teacher resume is ideal for those new age schools that focus on technology and preparing students for the future. If your potential employers pride themselves on creative thinking, the contemporary foreign language teacher resume is right for that application. With this resume, you can feel free to shake things up a bit with a forward-thinking focus. See the examples and guide below to gain a deeper understanding of this resume style.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Foreign Language Teacher Resume

If you want to be a little bit more poetic with this resume style, go for it. Highlight your ‘hip’ attitude and openness to new ideas. Make sure your resume is reasonable and professional, but deviate from the traditional models. However, remember your professional skills, merits and experiences are what can land you the interview and eventually, the job. Use the sections above as a guide to the basics and add sections if they are relevant and necessary.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Lack of Proofreading: On your final draft, take a second to read it out loud to catch any small mistakes you might have missed. Always take the time to proofread before submitting an application.
  • No Bullets: Paragraphs aren’t the rule of the day with resumes. Bullets keep things organized and easy to scan. Plus, they help you economize so you can fit more on your resume.
  • Being Dishonest: Don’t overstate your experience or include credentials you didn’t quite complete. Being honest is the best way to get an interview and keep a job.
  • No Keywords: Your employers will search for teacher resumes like you search for open positions. Incorporate those keywords into your resume. Start with the languages you intend to teach.
  • References: Keep your references in a separate document entirely. Give the document out only when specifically requested.
  • Unnecessary Information: Don’t include information about personal interests or hobbies. Save this information for interviews and water cooler icebreakers.

Resume Content
Jacob Jacobson
1415 Jackson Road, Millville, SD 11111
Experienced middle school foreign language teacher capable of keeping students’ attention during difficult subjects. Foreign language teacher fully versed in modern teaching technologies and education standards. Seeking position with strong middle school dedicated to student growth and achievement.
Implemented iPad study program, improving testing performance by 15 percent
Fluent in German and French
Proficient with Blackboard
Committed to achievement
Well-organized and motivated
Strong leadership skill set
German and French Teacher
8/1/2012 ? 7/1/2016
Bloomingdale Middle School ? Millville, SD
Collaborated with department to make formal suggestions for state foreign language study requirements.
Co-sponsored, with fellow German language teacher, the German Cooking Club, which held regular banquet fundraisers with club members cooking all food.
Aided in organizing a foreign language club field day where students competed as their “countries.”

7th Grade French Teacher
8/1/2009 ? 6/1/2012
Jill A. Portman Preparatory School ? Mackey, SD
Introduced a “Virtual Exchange Program” where students connected with French students via classroom video chats sessions to learn more about other cultures.
Advised other department educators on how to successfully incorporate French language apps into the classroom without distraction.
Established a thriving French club with 20 student members, which competed in the “Foreign Language Olympics” with other foreign language clubs.

French Teacher
8/1/2007 ? 7/1/2009
Sanders Middle and High School ? Sanders, SD
Conducted classes with a mixture of oral group practice, lectures, videos, PowerPoint and written notes.
Incorporated online homework assignments and ‘scavenger hunts’ to maintain students’ interest.
Collaborate with fellow educators to incorporate new technologies into the classroom where useful.
Bachelor of Education Minor in Foreign Language Studies
Millville University, Millville, SD