Free Contemporary General Manager Resume Template

A contemporary general manager resume is key to getting your foot in the door at a cutting-edge, trendsetting business. You need to show your potential employer that you have what it takes to keep your company moving forward. Your resume should highlight your creativity, flexibility, willingness to implement alternative approaches and up-to-the-second familiarity with current trends and technology. Our contemporary general manager resume templates and suggestions can help you come up with a resume that showcases your abilities as an innovator who will keep pace with today’s rapidly advancing culture.

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What to Include in a Contemporary General Manager Resume

In addition to listing your management credentials, be sure to highlight the ways in which you keep pace with technological advances and use them to improve operational functioning at your company. Make sure the language and tone you use on your resume reflects your ability to understand the needs of the contemporary, technology-driven client demographic. List the ways in which your innovations and commitment to alternative solutions have benefited previous employers.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Outdated Practices: Some types of information on your resume can instantly brand you as old-fashioned and out of touch. These include previously common practices such as listing references, stating family status and enumerating memberships in clubs or hobbies that are not relevant to the position in question.
  • Missing Keywords: Chances are you are applying because you found the job listing through a keyword search on a job search site. Employers use similar searches to find similar resumes. For this reason, it is crucial to include important keywords for your type of industry.
  • Vagueness: It is not enough to just tell your employer you are innovative and resourceful. Be sure to give a few examples of these qualities in action and state how they benefitted your company.
  • Failing to Sell Yourself: Some candidates’ natural humility or self-deprecation may lead them to downplay their achievements and skills. Hiring managers perusing your resume will take you at your word, especially since they are assuming that you are actually putting your best foot forward. Be enthusiastic when talking about the contributions you can make through your knowledge and experience.
  • Typos and Mistakes: It can be easy to miss a small error such as inconsistent tense or missing letter. Review your resume several times and have someone proofread it for you before you send it out. Remember that your word processor may not catch all mistakes.

Resume Content
Mary Smith
278 Main Street, Woodlawn, CA 11111
Effective, motivated team leader with extensive management experience. Multitasker and negotiator with extreme proficiency in managing multiple projects with the same meticulous attention to detail. Committed to developing and implementing tools for increased efficiency and team motivation. Passionate about meeting clients’ needs and ensuring full satisfaction. Seeking general manager position with cutting-edge industrial leader.
Implemented unified company-wide task management platform use
Slashed yearly costs by 15% through increased efficiency measures
Designed and implemented promotion strategy to expand market share
Review and upgrade operations systems for optimized function
Superlative negotiation and communication skills
Enthusiastic team builder
General Manager
11/1/2010 ? Current
Moonlight Tech Co. ? Woodlawn, CA
Meticulously review operations processes to cut down inefficiency.
Implement use of proprietary tracking software to streamline performance and coordinate schedules and deadlines.
Conduct team-building exercises to create a cohesive workplace environment.
Inspire employees to up performance.
Design and implement company-wide initiatives for inter-departmental coordination.
Juggle anywhere from two to eight projects at a time.
Accurately manage and balance a full department budget.
Develop appropriate ERP solutions to logistics issues.

Logistics Manager
3/1/2005 ? 11/1/2010
Arc Corporation ? Woodlawn, CA
Streamlined customer service operations by implementing electronic communications.
Identified and solved logistics inefficiencies in the Oracle database.
Maintained information technology systems, keeping everything up to date.
Monitored and improved materials management.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management
City College, City, CA