Free Contemporary In House Lawyer Resume Template

Carefully crafting an eye-catching resume is vital to making your job search successful. Studying our free contemporary in house lawyer resume template and guide is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your contemporary resume is everything it needs to be. Choosing to make a resume in the contemporary style is advantageous for those who are looking for a position with a company that values creativity and technology and its place in the business world today. Utilize these contemporary resume tips to make you stand out as the perfect candidate.

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What to Include in a Contemporary In House Lawyer Resume

One of the most important purposes of a contemporary in house lawyer resume is to show that you will fit perfectly within the company culture while providing exceptional results. You may find it beneficial to craft this type of resume if you are seeking an in house position at a leading technology company, or another business that values modernization and employs technological advances in its everyday work. Show your creativity and experience with applying modern tools to help you excel in your career, and don’t be afraid to use creative language to describe your skills and experience.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Rambling – The person reading your resume is not likely to read every word, so every word on your resume needs to count.
  • Failing to provide concrete examples – Don’t simply state a skill; show how you used that skill to further the company’s goals, such as retaining clients or making mergers.
  • Writing errors – Nothing says you are less than professional like errors on your resume. If you are to be trusted with managing major acquisitions and keeping corporate interests intact, you must be able to proofread your own resume.
  • Being negative – Leave the past where it belongs, and do not highlight any grievances with past coworkers or employees. This can send a negative message. Instead, exude confidence by focusing on the positive.

Resume Content
Jennifer Ling
1234 Island Street, Ember Point, CA 11111
Highly organized, motivated and experienced attorney who enjoys autonomy as well as working with others to achieve best client outcomes. Demonstrated skill and knowledge in multiple mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, debt listings and structural organizations. Apply extensive experience working with local and state licensing agencies, including liquor and gaming, and utilizing technology to help streamline these processes. Fulfill all corporate obligations, including taxes, zoning, licensing and property rights and successfully represented corporate clients in high-profile civil litigation matters.
Licensed with California Bar – 2006 to present.
In-depth knowledge of and experience in managing mergers, funds, joint ventures and acquisitions.
Oversee and draft corporate contracts, offers of employment, corporate filings, and start-up forms.
Retain corporate clients by maintaining contact using apps like Benchmark Email, Constant Contact and Email Direct.
Represent high-profile clients in civil litigation matters from service of process, through negotiations and to settlement.
Corporate Attorney
2012 ? Present
Acton, Weiss & Glover ? Los Angeles, CA
Established and maintain a database of all corporate clients to ensure each is up to date on licensing and regulations.
Create and manage all official corporate documents for incorporation, including articles of incorporation, bylaws and minutes.
Oversee multiple mergers and acquisitions.
Maintain and nurture relationships with investors by addressing their legal questions and concerns using email platforms and in-house meetings.
Create various types of contracts to protect corporate interests, including employment and business contracts.

Corporate Attorney
2006 ? 2012
Whitfield & Clay ? Los Angeles, CA
Managed a case load of 35 matters at any given time.
Conferred with new businesses and assisted in creating incorporating documents
Oversaw filing with secretary of state using online portals.
Created corporate client reports for senior attorneys.

Juris Doctorate
Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
University of Washington, Seattle, WA