Free Contemporary Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume Template

Getting your resume set aside for further consideration can be tough in today’s world of numerous jobseekers. One method of catching a top recruiter’s attention is writing a resume in a contemporary style. For an insurance claims adjuster, this type of resume style isn’t too different from your typical information. Just focus on adding interesting touches here and there and detailing your specific technological strengths. Here are some additional tips for writing a contemporary insurance claims adjuster resume.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume

Having a job working for an organization that is known for its innovative steps in the insurance industry is something that many workers want for their career. If you see yourself working for a company that focuses on new solutions for the insurance industry, you may want to try writing a contemporary resume for your next insurance claims adjuster job application. Before you go off making massive changes to your important document, be sure to keep the basic structure similar to a more traditional format. You need to give evidence of your education, experience and accomplishments. It can be better suited for the new generation with information about your skills with apps and technology and more interesting language. Then, you can get ahead of other candidates for the position.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Making Electronic Mistakes: It can be quite alarming to find out that the resume file you sent to the hiring manager doesn’t open, or it’s corrupted. Check over your file, and make sure it’s sound before sending.
  • Doing Too Much With Add-Ons: Don’t be tempted to add additional features to your resume, such as animation, links or other add-ons. Let your words tell your story for you.
  • Sticking With a Common Template: Avoid using one of Microsoft Word’s common templates for resumes. Many other candidates may already be using this format, and yours could go unnoticed.
  • Using an Uncommon File Type: It’s important to follow the directions of the job posting for sending your file. If no type is indicated, use Microsoft Word. Something less common may cause problems for the hiring manager.

Resume Content
Greta Thomas
6 Division Street Seattle, WA 11111
Amazingly efficient and experienced insurance claims adjuster. Unique ability to adapt to any working environment. Innovative ideas for improving customer satisfaction. Strong positive character traits of determination and perseverance. Looking to join an insurance claims department.
Ability to crack any kind of insurance claim puzzle
Promoter of sharing work and reports through Google Docs
Efficient management strategies
Handy regulatory information always ready with smartphone
Working knowledge of each policy
Deemed the countess of risk management policy
Ability to wow colleagues with customer service ability
Top researching skills that have led to incredible discoveries of fraud
Impressive ability to reconstruct accidents and disasters
Have a way with numbers
Uncanny ability to compose almost anything
Strong code of ethics
Friendly and calm under pressure
Insurance Claims Processor
9/1/2004 ? 8/1/2011
Mob Insurance ? Seattle, WA
Maintained a breakneck speed through claims processing using app Talon.
Recognized for achieving top level customer service satisfaction scores.
Utilized impressive investigating techniques through Google Maps and other internet research.
Accessed insurance policy information quickly and easily by pairing laptop with smartphone.
Updated policyholders through company progress app.
Used Google Docs to prepare reports.

Insurance Claims Adjuster
8/1/2011 ? Present
Smart Insurance ? Seattle, WA
Spotted possible instances of fraud by noting inconsistencies.
Traveled to and tracked various locations of accident scenes with the help of Evernote.
Dictated interview sessions using smartphone during investigations.
Reduced a mountain of physical files to small electronic data during work.
Analyzed accident scenes and facts to determine fault.
Skyped with additional staff members to save money on travel.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Ghosier University, Seattle, WA