Free Contemporary Legal Internship Resume Template

As you apply for legal internships, you may want to work for a really hip law firm or nonprofit group. In such cases, a contemporary resume style may serve you best. Focus on creative and technology-related experience you have. For example, you could list proficiency in CasePoint as a highlight along with projects you are working on or have worked on. Review a few contemporary resume templates to get started; we have also written a sample free contemporary legal internship resume below. After you read it, check out the tips we included at the bottom.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Legal Internship Resume

As you write a contemporary legal internship resume, remember your audience. You are trying to appeal to creative and tech-oriented employers, so you should play up any relevant skills and experience in these areas. Use your skills, experience and education to decide which tech aspects of your life to highlight. Be specific, using program names and the like. Always use bullet points to aid in reading.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Playing Up Your Knowledge: Technology is cool. It is bright and shiny, and many people are tempted to appear savvier than they actually are. Never feign that you know more about an aspect of technology than you claim to. You may be found out if hired. Just let your actual skills speak for themselves.
  • Forgetting to Include Publications: Have you contributed articles to legal journals or blogs? Include that information on your resume.
  • Being Too Technical: No doubt, you have plenty of soft skills, say, research, communication, collaboration and teamwork. Make these skills clear on your resume, too. Include presentations you have given and the research you have conducted on key issues.
  • Not Tailoring Your Resume: A tech-oriented resume may not play too well with a traditional law firm that places huge emphasis on paper and in-person meetings (compared with, for example, Skype meetings). Be sure to tailor the emphasis on your experience and skills toward your prospective employer.

Resume Content
Jolene Weathers
898 Water Street, Roanoke, VA 11111
Tech-savvy and forward-thinking law school graduate with articles published in Technology eReport and Legal Tech. Passed Virginia Bar in June 2016. Experience with streamlining discovery, deposition and other legal processes using technology. Seeking internship experience with contemporary law firm.
Proficiency in CasePoint and case management software such as Amicus Cloud and RocketMatter
Classes in cybersecurity and the law
Developed streamlined work processes program with technology
Working on virtual reality (VR) program to help attorneys conduct mock trials
Out-of-the-box thinker
Excellent communicator and collaborator
Top five percent of law school class
Previous degree in computer programming
Legal Tech Intern
6/1/2015 ? 8/1/2015
eDayscovery ? Washington, D.C.
Conducted legal research on cybersecurity issues.
Created interactive training seminar on legal ethics.
Outlined possibilities for mock trials software.
Performed tech research for legal software firm.
Assessed competitor strengths and weaknesses.
Prepared and presented report on competitors to law firm.
Suggested additional processes to streamline workflow for law firms.
Coordinated article, podcast and video posts on blog.

Legal Intern
6/1/2014 ? 8/1/2014
Volture Law Group ? Philadelphia, PA
Helped firm overhaul client mobile contact forms.
Established live online chat option for prospective clients to chat with paralegals and assistants.
Developed internal video chat system to cut down on airline travel and associated expenses; slashed travel expenses by 50 percent.
Suggested and implemented gamification program to encourage employees to exercise more.
Researched law firm software programs and made recommendations.
Conducted research on environmental and immigration issues to help in depositions.

Doctor of Jurisprudence, 06/2016
Achme Law School, Roanoke, VA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming, 06/2014
Scanbright University, Scanbright, FL