Free Contemporary Logistics Coordinator Resume Template

If you are applying for logistics jobs, be sure to first create a strong resume to get the attention of hiring managers. This document is the aspect that makes the biggest difference in the application process, so you should prioritize it. Analyze the company you are interested in, and decide what kind of resume will maximize your chances of success. The contemporary resume is best suited for newer companies that are creative and modern, and encourage use of the latest technologies. The following template for contemporary logistics coordinator resumes will help you get started with writing your own.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Logistics Coordinator Resume

While writing a contemporary resume does give you a little more freedom to divert from standard resume practices, you should consider including the same sections that are typical. These are: a summary, an experience section, skill highlights, and an education section. In particular, you should create a very strong experience section, as this is the information that employers are most interested in. To create the best resume possible, you should think about what specific aspect the company you are applying with would value. You can write a resume that emphasizes these elements specifically and paints you as a perfect match for the job.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Writing Too Passively: Above all else, your resume should be active, demonstrating that you are a doer that tackles challenges head-on and succeeds. Focus on the things you have done, as well as the way you intend to do future tasks. It is wise to include strong action verbs at the beginning of each bullet in the experience section.
  • Creating a Summary With Career Goals: Do not be confused by the fact that this practice used to be considered standard. It is no longer advisable to describe what you are hoping to accomplish in your summary because it is assumed that you intend on being hired. Instead, describe what attributes you will bring to the table.
  • Mismanaging the Length of Your Resume: It should be your goal to write a resume as close to one full page as possible. Only those with extensive work histories of more than 10 years should have more, and fewer will make it seem that you do not offer much.
  • Being Too Standard: Employers will be reading many resumes and a lot of them will be nearly identical. Find a way to stand out from the crowd to catch the attention of readers. Remember that it is not wise to stray from the standard format too much, so use the content to be unique.
  • Neglecting the Proofreading Stage: After you finish writing, always take the time to review your resume and ensure that it is as strong as possible. Find any typographical errors, and break up instances of large blocks of text and filling in wasteful gaps.

Resume Content
Bridget Thorns
2328 Wellberry Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 11111
Highly results-driven logistics coordinator with talent for budget management and global finance ready to apply six-year career in management and coordination. With consistent record of reducing costs and improving efficiency of operations, candidate offers attention to detail and focus on communication.
Highly developed inventory control and scheduling skills
Extensive experience with procurement
Excellent communication skills with clients and providers
Holds global logistics work history
Experience with 3PL and AS/400
Logistics Coordinator
6/1/2010 ? Current
International Manufacturing and Distribution ? Collect logistical information and prepare weekly reports
Use OmniFocus, Project Bubble, and Microsoft Office Suit daily
Improve efficiency and decrease labor and resource costs
Managed up to 10 orders simultaneously and handle order changes
Present statistics to managers
Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Management
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO