Free Medical Receptionist Contemporary Resume Template

The resume is what determines who gets called in for an interview, meaning it is the first major contributing factor in earning a new job. If you are looking for work, the best practice you can employ is focusing on creating a strong resume. You can go one step further, however, and write your resume in a specific style to maximize your chances of getting the attention of hiring managers. Modern companies that value free thinking and a less traditional approach to business will respond better to a resume written in a contemporary style. The following writing guide will help you learn what the best practices are when writing a contemporary medical receptionist resume.

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What to Include in a Medical Receptionist Contemporary Resume

The standard resume sections to include are a summary, skill highlight, experience section, and education information. While it is acceptable to play with this format slightly to make your resume as effective as possible, especially when writing a contemporary resume, this is the format that you should use to start and then make changes from there. Some hiring managers do not appreciate varying from this standard, so you should not be too radically different, although it is more common in more modern companies. Ultimately, it is up to you to judge for yourself how to make a resume specific to the job for which you are applying.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Writing a small experience section: No matter how you choose to write your resume, the section that deals with your work history and experience should be the largest and include the most information. This is what employers are mostly interested in, so be sure to give them the information they are looking for.
  • Writing passively: Every resume style is most effective when it is active. Your resume is meant to show readers what you have done and how you will tackle future challenges. If it is not active, it does not accomplish this. In particular, your experience should be very active, including many action verbs.
  • Being unintentional: When writing, you should know exactly what you are trying to communicate with each and every word. Do not include anything without thinking about its purpose. If you do this, it will become very obvious to you when you are being repetitive or not communicating the right aspect about yourself.
  • Ignoring your resume’s appearance: While the content is most important, the arrangement of information also says something about you. Instances of large blocks of text are intimidating and difficult to read. Wasteful gaps of unused space make it seem like you have little to offer. Find and eliminate these elements.
  • Neglecting to proofread: The process of proofreading your resume ensures that nothing makes it into the final version unintentionally. It is easy for typographical errors to creep in, so be sure that you read it several times after you finish writing to identify and fix mistakes. You should also be on the lookout for opportunities to make improvements.

Resume Content
Tina Earnhart
7592 River St, Phoenix, AZ 11111
Receptionist expert with experience in customer service ready to apply extensive communication knowledge to a medical receptionist position. Candidate brings attention to detail, excellent results-driven attitude, and self-motivation. Experience using relevant tech, including Listacular.
Extensive experience with interpersonal communication
Client flow management
Excellent management, multitasking, and scheduling skills
Fluent with organizational technology
1/1/2015 ? Current
Johnson Marketing ? Answer guest inquiries, both on the phone and in person
Schedule appointments and confirm them the day of
Use Listacular and Evernote on a daily basis
Manage inventory and order replacement supplies
Perform daily administrative tasks such as copying and filing
Bachelor of Science in Medicine Candidate – 2018
University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ