Free Contemporary Probation Officer Resume Template

Certain resume styles resonate well with different business types. It is important that you understand this and craft your resume accordingly. Reviewing the companies’ history can help in this endeavor. If the companies are long-standing and traditional, a professional format would be more helpful. On the other hand, eccentric companies with strong technology ties may appreciate a contemporary styled resume. Learn more about the aspects of this particular style by reviewing the resume example below and the helpful writing tips.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Probation Officer Resume

A contemporary probation officer resume should highlight the creative and technical aspects of your experience and abilities. It should also be tailored to the specific strengths of the company to make it clear that you would be able to fit into the company culture. To help in this endeavor it is important to research the company that you are applying for. To ensure that you make all the necessary points, your resume should include the sections as shown above: summary, highlights, experience and education.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Unfocused Writing: You should try to be creative with your writing style in this writing format, however it should still have a distinct focus. Avoid providing any irrelevant information.
  • Un-ordered Skills: Considering the fact that most hiring managers browse through resumes and do not read the whole thing, it is best to place key information towards the beginning of each section.
  • Being Too Long: Some hiring managers will admit that they will not even review a resume if it appears to be too lengthy, because they have too many resumes to get through. Therefore, it can be beneficial to keep your resume as short as possible. One page is a good goal to aspire to.
  • Being Untruthful: If you are caught in a lie at any point of your interview, you strongly diminish your chances of being hired. Even if you do not have much experience, it is better to talk up the related skills and abilities that you do have than to lie and risk being considered not trustworthy.

Resume Content
Susan Loveley
2215 Sunset Way, Augusta, GA 11111
Probation officer with over 16 years of experience working in the criminal justice arena. Commended for ability to successfully coordinate and orchestrate rehabilitation efforts for various parolees. Possessing strong administrative and problem solving skills. Looks to advance in career with a thriving organization.
Oversee the progress of various clients and institute adjustments when necessary
Aid parolees in their transition into civilian life through securing jobs and other necessary resources
Follow and implement State regulations and facility’s standard operation procedures
Employ strong problem solving skills in complicated situations
Effectively communicate with all members of criminal justice process
Compile and analyze various court reports
Outstanding public relations skills
Probation Officer
1/1/2010 ? Present
Central Offender Services ? Augusta, GA
Manage a large number of parolees simultaneously
Hold regular conferences with parolees to ensure their acquiescence with all requirements for parole
Confirm access to needed resources for parolees
Collect and analyze various court reports to determine appropriate courses of action with clients
Up-to-date of the criminal justice system and all applicable laws
Resolution of parolee issues to assist in the transition to everyday life

Probation Officer Assistant
1/1/2005 ? 12/1/2009
Community Corrections Facility ? Augusta, GA
Collected file information and presented parole candidates to parole officers
Cultivated strong relationships with other probation offices and criminal justice agencies
Superised various parolees
Maintained data and files on all parolees
Provided services and necessary documents to the courts

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Emory University, Atlanta, GA