Free Contemporary Project Manager Resume Template

If you seek a project management position with an innovative and cutting-edge company, it is absolutely essential that you craft a truly stand-out contemporary resume to get yourself noticed by the hiring manager. The reason your resume must stand out is because hiring managers sometimes look through dozens of resumes at a time, and yours has to be the one that catches their eye. With this contemporary project manager resume template as well as the following tips, you can get to work on creating an extraordinary resume that will get you closer to landing your dream job.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Project Manager Resume

When you are creating a contemporary project manager resume, your goal should be to prove that you are extremely qualified for the position and to show just how well you will fit into the company culture of the particular company you are applying to. A contemporary style resume is excellent if the specific company is modern, innovative and creative. This type of company often highly values technology and its advancements in modern society. When writing your highlights, summary and experience sections, use language that is creative and intuitive to convey to the hiring manager what type of character you have. Use a thesaurus to find good, descriptive adjectives to further enhance your resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Vague, Jumbled Writing: On your resume, you have to be clear about what your talents are goals are. Be specific when you can, especially when mentioning accomplishments. To make your resume look more clear and readable overall, use bulleted lists.
  • Leaving the Keywords Out: Nowadays, resumes are electronically reviewed first. The software is designed to detect certain keywords in resumes, so be sure to use them properly.
  • Typos: Carefully proofread your resume before you send it to any company.
  • Not Highlighting Accomplishments: Job duties are important to list, but remember to really highlight your accomplishments in your experience section.

Resume Content
Thomas Morrison
222 Birch Street, Chicago, IL, 11111
Extraordinarily passionate and motivated project manager dedicated to producing work that is no less than the best. An enthusiastic individual who thoroughly enjoys working with people and guiding them to reaching their potential. Highly reliable with excellent communication skills and the desire to constantly exceed expectations. Seeking a challenging position to lead and teach others at a cutting-edge company.
Passion for team work
Superb leadership skills
Ability to come up with exceptionally creative solutions
Outstanding multi-tasker
Proficient in software applications such as Functionfox, Smartsheet and Vortex
Experience with SQL, C++ and Ruby on Rails
Excellent ability to negotiate with others
Great time management skills
Project Manager
9/1/2008 ? Current
Car Corporation ? Chicago, IL
Creatively develop and implement systems to be used by all team members that increase department productivity and cut costs.
Resourcefully coordinate projects, ensuring resources are properly allocated, money is saved and clients receive work back on time.
Exceed the expectations of executives through the use of outstanding problem-solving skills.
Ensure that no project runs into any rough waters so that the team operates efficiently.
Set goals for the team which challenge them to bring forth their best skills.
Confidently train and teach new team members to help them become experts in their areas.
Utilize Toggl to create better, more effective schedules for employees.

Call Center Representative
7/1/2004 ? 8/1/2008
Technology Solutions ? Chicago, IL
Confidently answered calls from customers to determine their requirements.
Upsold 50% of customers to new and innovative products.
Creatively and calmly resolved issues by researching answers and presenting alternative solutions.
Enhanced the reputation of the organization through the delivery of superior customer service.
Consistently learned new information to keep up to date in order to better serve customers.

Bachelor of Science in Business
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL