Free Contemporary Radio Host Resume Template

The evolution of radio broadcasting in recent years has made it so that today, even on-air hosts are required to have a working knowledge of the equipment that they use. If you are looking to transition into a career as a radio host, the first inroads into this profession are made by your resume. Choosing to craft your resume in a contemporary style allows you to convey both your on-air skills and experience as well as your technical expertise. Such a resume is sure to catch the attention of station managers looking for on-air talent who may be able to pull double duty. Use this accompanying template along with the suggested techniques to craft your resume.

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What to Include in a Professional Radio Host Resume

Much like a creative resume, your contemporary resume is typically aimed at landing a certain position or at a certain station. However, with the amount of cross training going on in the broadcast industry today, this style should also highlight your specific technical skills. If you’re untrained in the use of broadcast equipment, include any other technical skills you may have, such as familiarity with word processing or graphic arts programs.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Being too vague: Clearly state your skills and proficiencies, no matter how irrelevant you may think they are.
  • Omitting your personality: Today’s companies tend to look for employees they know will fit their cultures.
  • Overlooking your education: Your degree (no matter what field it is in) shows the dedication you have to improving your skill set.

Resume Content
Daniel Davis
99887 Friday Way, Des Moines, IA 11111
Enthusiastic and fun-loving personality in search of request-hour style radio host position. Eight years of experience spinning Top 40 tracks for small market FM station. Simultaneous experience in running the board, monitoring the VU meter, regulating feedback and ride gain, and even setting the compressor. Looking for job that allows all of these talents to be put to good use. Hoping to work in larger markets while getting plenty of chances to do remote broadcasts out in the community.
Consistently earned the highest ratings in early evening radio time slot in market throughout tenure on the air.
Ranked among the Top 10 on-air radio personalities in regional market for the last two years.
Earned devoted following of fans both on air and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Recognized by previous employer as being the top on-air host in 2014.
Collaborated with other local radio personalities as well as civic leaders to organize live summertime music festivals for the past four years.
Developed reputation among local business leaders for being able to draw large crowds of listeners to off-site broadcasts.
Interviewed several national and local recording artists during show as well as on location at concerts and events.
Granted the honor of emceeing several awards banquets and charity events for local civic groups and private organizations.
Developed proficiencies in the technical, administrative, and on-air entertainment aspects of radio broadcasting.
Proud member of the AFTRA.
Host and Producer
Daily Request Line, WDCQ ? Davenport, IA
2008 ? 2016

Genres played included primarily pop and country music
Logged over 8,000 hours of on-air time
Comprehensive duties included production and show prep, writing copy, creating daily music logs, and fielding and screening calls while on air.
Served as the board op for own show as well as others.
Functioned as the interim program director in 2013, during which time two new shows were launched and staff was expanded accordingly.

Lead Producer, Top 40 Today
WJUY Radio ? Cleveland, OH
2004 ? 2008
Initially hired on as intern and promoted to full-time producer within first year.
Personally produced more than 1,100 broadcasts
Mastered the operation of production equipment, including all elements of the control room, equalizers, muting systems, vu meters, etc.

Bachelor of Communications
Grant University, Grant, OH
Minor in Computer Science