Free Contemporary Research Associate Resume Template

In order for you to get to the interview stage with any employer, you need to supply them with a resume that shows off your experience and skills. However, if you are applying for a research associate position at an organization that has a hip culture, you don’t have to follow all of the traditional CV writing rules. Instead, a contemporary style resume may be more appropriate because it meshes with the company’s values and beliefs. This contemporary research associate resume template and guide can show you how your final curriculum vitae should look.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Research Associate Resume

When drafting your contemporary style research associate resume, make sure you are as specific as possible when documenting any systems, software and scientific processes you are familiar with. You should also take note of the company’s work culture. If it is a trendy and hip one, you should use that information to set the tone for your resume so that it reflects how well you mesh with the organization.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Using the Summary as an Advantage: A carefully thought-out and well-written summary statement can give your resume a real advantage. List several of your strongest and most relevant skills and competencies so that employers can see right away what makes you an asset.
  • Being Redundant: Carefully read your resume several times to ensure that you are not repeating any information that is already stated in one area of your CV in another. If you have to state something more than once, use a thesaurus to find other ways to say it in a professional manner.
  • Using Outdated Templates: Structuring your curriculum vitae so that it matches the culture of the company you are applying to is a great way to get an invitation for an interview. Using outdated templates can indicate you are not aware of the times and can hurt your chances.
  • Being Too General: Not including enough details can give employers the wrong impression about you, making you appear to be less experienced and knowledgeable than you really are. Put your best foot forward and make sure you are not leaving recruiters wondering about your qualifications.

Resume Content
Micheal Marx
963 Holston Road, Navarro Way, TX 11111
Highly motivated and organized team player with experience in completing tasks in a timely manner. Abstract thinker with technical skills and a strong commitment to research, experiment and clinical evaluations. Ready for an exciting research associate opportunity with a cutting edge and innovative biological diagnostics company.
Adept in data research, verification and validation
Proficient in advanced research methods and report creation
Excellent biochemical techniques
Proficient in laboratory software
Advanced knowledge of biology experiment procedures
Knowledge of wet bench biology
Superior written and oral comprehension and communication skills
Advanced analytical and experiment design knowledge
Superior organizational and documentation skills
Works well independently and as a team player
Positive attitude
Assistant Research Associate II
10/13/2016 ? Current
MoleDiag Inc. ? Havenville, TX
Learn and develop new biological analytical and research design processes.
Execute benchmarks and assessments to measure various qualities of biological organisms.
Collaborate with the scientific team on research projects and discuss findings with them.
Design and test different biological primers on test subjects.
Document all data, findings and associated information in the daily log.
Collect, evaluate and update data in physical laboratory records and software.
Assist lead scientists and research associates with sample collection, evaluation and experiments.
Meticulously observe, test and validate hypothetical data, theories and experiment details and report findings.
Plan and execute tasks to ensure timely delivery on all project deadlines.
Coordinate and manage project schedule with department timetable.
Routinely test and calibrate TECC-24 assay and other laboratory equipment.
Bachelor of Science in Comprehensive Biology
AmerEd College, Navarro Way, TX