Free Contemporary Sanitation Resume Template

When you’re up for a job at a hip company, your contemporary resume is the key to getting ahead. Reviewing a contemporary resume template is the best way to understand what’s expected, and with a contemporary style, you can show recruiters what a great fit you are. It’s a good idea to use this style when you’re applying to a company that you know it’s a good match for, because unlike traditional or professional styles, it leaves a lot of leeway for creativity. For additional guidance on the process of drafting your resume, read the tips below.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Sanitation Resume

When you decide a contemporary resume style is right for the job you’re applying to, you should emphasize your affinity for the company culture and goals. Your experience and the position itself will guide the direction of your resume’s contents, but you can still convey your alignment with values your potential employer adheres to. To ensure your contemporary resume is accessible to a recruiter, be sure you organize it in sections.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Referencing Company Culture and Values: For contemporary resumes, referencing company culture is a must. Modern operatives value company culture and employees who are a good fit above nearly anything else. Your resume is the first impression you make, so it’s absolutely essential that you reflect the culture and values of your potential employer.
  • Maintaining Too Much Formality: A resume in this style should also have space for more liberal phrasing and less stuffy language. If you’re still phrasing everything as if you’re writing a report, loosen up and approach it from a different perspective.
  • Failing to Tie In Use of Technology: Technology is next to company culture in elements modern businesses value most. You can give yourself an advantage by highlighting all of the technological applications you integrate into your workflow on a daily basis.

Resume Content
Stephanie Smith
143 Mason Road, Harpursville, CA 11111
Creative, innovative and solutions-oriented sanitation expert. Able to find a solution, no matter how sudden or dirty the problem might be. Passionate about keeping premises clean, safe and free from trash and uncleanliness. Willing to complete whatever task is necessary in order to accomplish this, and prone to utilizing apps like TeuxDeux for task management and completion assistance. Looking for a position where these skills can be applied, grown and further challenged for the sake of professional development and personal learning.
Successfully handled three tons of trash throughout the year at prior position
Uniquely dedicated approach to sanitation and waste management
Experience handling hazardous chemicals
Introduced use of apps such as Cheddar for workplace task management
Ability to lead team in accomplishing tasks as a group
Familiar with correct cleaning protocol
Received satisfactory feedback regarding cleanliness of facility at prior position
Knowledge of hazardous waste handling techniques
Janitorial Staff
12/1/2012 ? Current
Harpursville Unified School District ? Keep all areas of the school clear of litter or spills.
Sanitize according to school district protocol.
Become familiar and compliant with kitchen and cafeteria health codes.
Manage garbage waste.
Keep all floors swept, mopped and polished.
Build reports in Zapier to track data relating to school sanitation needs.
Schedule cleaning according to class times.
Promote a safe and clean environment.

Independent Cleaning Services Manager
3/1/2010 ? 12/1/2013
Stephanie’s Maid Service ? Provided in-home and in-office cleaning to clients.
Supervised other staff during cleaning.
Provided sanitation services for all clients’ needs.
Implemented Todo Cloud base for all staff to receive assignments.
Used chemicals and cleaning methods tailored to client requests.
Maintained solution-oriented approach to sanitation challenges.

Associate’s Degree in Hospitality
Harpursville Community College, Harpursville, CA