Free Contemporary Shift Supervisor Resume Template

Young, innovative companies are looking for new hires who offer creativity and unique approaches to specific problems. You can show how capable you are in this situation if you write a contemporary resume for your shift supervisor job application. While it’s important to continue to list basic necessities for the resume, such as a summary, highlights, experience and education, you must also think of ways to distinguish yourself from all the rest of the applicants. Then you can ensure your resume will get noticed. Here are some ways to rework your resume in a more contemporary style.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Shift Supervisor Resume

In today’s diverse workplace, you can help get a better advantage for working with the hottest corporations if you focus on writing a contemporary shift supervisor resume. That means incorporating unique phrasing into your document and demonstrating your comfort with technological tools. Additionally, you want to make sure your resume still contains the basics, such as your summary, highlights, experiences and education. Combining a traditional format with trendy verbiage can help your resume start a new career in management and supervising. Your future employer can get a sense of what you could bring to the organization if you make the right choices with your document.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Outdated Information and Details: Ensure that your resume is ready for a 21st century audience. That means going beyond your proficiency with Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Clunky Design and Format: Don’t forget to focus on the way your resume looks. Employ a clean and modern design, and be sure to use plenty of bullets or lists.
  • Tired Wording or Phrases: Instead of writing about boring job responsibilities, work on bringing your specific results into clear focus. Play around with your language to make your resume reflect a contemporary style.
  • Details That Aren’t True: If you’re trying really hard to impress, avoid the temptation to write about accomplishments that aren’t true. Lying on your resume could end up costing you the job now or at some point in the future.

Resume Content
Henry Thatcher
234 Spickle Street, San Francisco, CA 11111
High-performing coffee shop impresario with years of experience delivering awesome customer service. Expertise in working with new types of technology that improve efficiency and food quality. Unique ability to make team members feel welcome and ready to do their best. Interested in being part of an innovative team as a coffee shop shift supervisor.
Special ability to notice minor details
Tech wizard
Impressive work ethic
Consistent service with a smile
Strength in managing multiple tasks
Former math scholar and number genius
Team motivator
Verbally gifted
Able to drive team members to success
Devoted to customer experiences
Excellent critical thinking skills
Obsession over cleanliness
Talented at making delicious and ready-to-be-photographed food and drinks
8/1/2011 ? 9/1/2013
The Coffee Spot ? Oakland, CA
Operated a Square point of sale system to keep up with busy lunch rushes
Increased check average 43% during employment
Developed reputation as a cleaning king
Encouraged customer interactions with clever banter and bad jokes
Crafted scratch-made ingredients to make sandwiches and drinks
Used Instagram and Facebook to promote special drinks or food items

Barista Team Leader
10/1/2013 ? Present
Beans and More ? San Francisco, CA
Captained a group of inexperienced baristas to great success
Implemented workflow app LeanKit to create a staff schedule
Worked with portable sales tablets to create real-time reports
Increased buzz and business by 29% with Twitter
Developed new procedures for counting the register and making deposits
Created a shared Google Doc to help openers and closers stay on target
Vetted possible hires by looking at social media profiles
Wrote new online training materials and procedures

Bachelor of Science in Finance
Colorado State University, Boulder, CO