Free Contemporary Special Education Teacher Resume Template

Your search for a special education teaching position in a top performing and innovative school can be made easier if you have the right resume. Instead of a boring list of your past job responsibilities, you should bring your skills to life by using a contemporary style of resume writing. While you still include the basics of your professional career in this type of resume, you can also add your experience with the newest and latest technology. This style of resume is the best method of impressing a school system that is known for hiring the top talent and having the best resources. Here is the best approach for this type of resume writing.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Special Education Teacher Resume

A contemporary resume for a special educator should demonstrate your knowledge of the field and your commitment to using the latest tools to find success. Additionally, you need to have sections on your resume devoted to your education and past job experiences. The hiring managers can get a better idea if your method of teaching matches what they are looking for. If you include creative and impressive teaching methods, you may be invited to join the faculty.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • A Stale and Static Approach: A contemporary resume must bring your experiences and skills to life. Use interesting word choice and plenty of details to achieve this.
  • Not Recently Updated: Don’t make the mistake of recycling a past resume that is a few years old. Be sure to carefully revise your previous resumes or start over fresh if you need to.
  • Too Long: A hiring manager has a limited amount of time to look at each resume. Make the job easier by sticking to the basic length requirement of one page.
  • Lack of Readability: Incorporate reader-friendly text features throughout your document. Bold print, bullet points and short lists are the best methods of doing this.

Resume Content
Justin Jones
5491 Sentry Street Harrisburg, PA 11111
Special education rock star with versatile methods of teaching. Years of experience helping kids love school and learning. Experience creating a classroom setting of busy and motivated kids at work. Proven toolkit of teaching strategies that help students get down and dirty in all subjects. Looking for a special education teaching position in a modern school.
Special education official stamp of approval
Added bonus of Nationally Board certified
Experience electronically creating student learning plans
Innovator in lesson writing
Recognized as teacher of the year
Simmons Grant recipient
Expertise in lessons requiring electronic devices
Common Core guru
Positive teaching partner
Outstanding ability to converse and compose
Voted most popular teacher by students
Known for a fun and engaging classroom
Endless number of parent thank-you notes
Always ready to help colleagues
Special Education Teacher Intern
8/1/2009 ? 5/1/2010
York City Schools ? York, PA
Experienced special education settings in all aspects of K-12.
Modified lesson plans to accommodate students with learning or profound disabilities.
Recruited students to get involved in being responsible for their IEP goals.
Used IPads and smartphones alongside of traditional instruction for student engagement.
Utilized a smartphone quiz application to help students retain math facts.
Worked with teacher supervisor on Tienet system to write and revise IEPs.

Special Education Teacher
8/1/2010 ? Present
Red Lion High School ? Red Lion, PA
Assigned as a special educator in the English Language Arts classroom.
Employed electronic devices into a majority of learning experiences.
Created a poetry slam unit that allowed student creativity and presentation.
Used a variety of media sources to deliver instruction.
Navigated students through the detailed process of research in the digital age.
Updated electronic records in the school system regarding IEP objectives.
Employed the Common Core app to streamline lesson planning.

Bachelor of Science in Special Education
Brighton University, Stewartstown, PA