Free Contemporary Sports Coach Resume Template

As you research sports coach jobs, you may discover that your technological skills are one way in which you can stand out. For example, many people may have playing experience in a certain sport, but how many helped test a new piece of equipment? Using the contemporary resume format when you have good tech skills and experience may be the trick to help you land a coaching position. Read over our sample free contemporary sports coach resume below as well as the few tips we have included.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Sports Coach Resume

As you write a contemporary sports coach resume, remember to emphasize your technology skills. Do include non-tech information, too. You want to come across as a well-rounded coach while accurately presenting your skills and expertise; include sections that illustrate your skills, experience and education. If you do not have much tech experience to speak of, another type of resume may be better for you. Be specific, mentioning product brands and tech programs when possible. And to help employers better review your resume, use bullet points for easier reading.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Forgetting Soft Skills: When technology is in the picture, it can be easy to get overenthusiastic about your love of technology. Remember to include soft skills; they may include collaboration, communication and motivation.
  • Not Matching Your Resume to the Job: Say you are applying for a coaching position at a college not known for its technological innovation, nor does the job description mention technology. In such a case, you probably should downplay some of your technological achievements and focus on other areas of your experience as a sports coach. Include keywords from the job description to aid in your writing.
  • Neglecting to Proofread: How ironic it is when a lover of technology gets tripped up by tech; for example, spelling “there” as “their,” and getting a pass from spell check. Proofread your resume for potentially embarrassing errors and typos; hand the document to people in the know if you feel unqualified.
  • Not Including Achievements: Sports coaching is a great way to list achievements such as championships won and coaching recognitions. List recent and relevant information that helps you stand out.

Resume Content
Jasmine Woods
126 Autumn Road, Roanoke, VA 11111
Exciting and innovative swim coach who takes a contemporary, tech-oriented approach to player and team development. Fins, goggles, swim suits and paddles often used in practices. Experience with testing gear for Acme Sports Equipment. Seeking college-level swim team coach position.
4 Virginia state high school swim championships in 2016; 3 in 2015
Two-time Coach of the Week in 2016
Use of specialized gear such as Acme swim googles to aid swimmer development
Smartphone tracking system for swimmers to track times, exercise and meals
Published article in 2015 in Sports Today on why teams need better tech
Set individual swim records for Virginia in freestyle and relay
Dedicated, reliable coach
Great communication skills
Swim Coach
8/1/2008 ? Present
Jane Smith High School – Roanoke, VA
Promote swimmer development in swimmers from a diverse range of backgrounds.
Help athletes maintain balance among personal, educational and sports commitments.
Assist athletes in creation of personal goals.
Experiment with different technologies to see which types best benefit swimmers.
Research current trends and coordinate with athletic director to budget for equipment.
Plan fundraisers and other events to raise money for swim team.
Communicate with parents, administrators and others.

Swim Teacher
10/1/2003 ? 7/1/2008
Roanoke Seahorses Recreational Club ? Roanoke, VA
Promoted sportsmanship and proper swim techniques among children ages 5-15.
Helped students experiment with various types of swim gear.
Worked in one-on-one environments and in small-group settings.
Identified strengths and areas of need.
Helped swimmers develop confidence and skills.

Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Sports Medicine, 05/2003
Scanbright University, Scanbright, FL