Free Contemporary Technical Support Resume Template

Knowing how to create a powerful resume that catches the eye of hiring managers is an essential skill that every job seeker should have. Your resume is your first impression; therefore, you should strive to put your best foot forward. A contemporary style resume enables you to show the company you want to work for the strengths and personality traits you have when you don’t have much experience to fall back on. Use our resume tips so you can create an engaging document that gets you noticed.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Technical Support Resume

If you don’t have much work experience, you can still craft an eye-catching document that keeps you in the running for the position you are applying for. Emphasize your unique your skills, attributes and experience. Your contact information should be at the beginning of your resume, followed by a brief summary. Be sure to name specific technologies and programs you have expertise in as well so that potential employers can immediately see what you know.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Eliminating the Fluff: Employers are scanning your resume for vital information so they can better assess your eligibility for the job. They only spend a short time looking at each resume, and because they have to look through thousands of them to fill a position, your resume needs to get straight to the point.
  • Avoiding Gimmicks: Using bright colored paper, odd fonts and other gimmicks on your resume to get it noticed may seem like a great idea, but avoid these at all costs. These tactics can actually cause employers to set your resume in the discard pile without giving it a second thought or look.
  • Proofing for Mistakes: It is extremely important for you to go over your resume at least three times after you finish writing it. Use spell check to prevent spelling errors. Read your resume out loud carefully and slowly three to five times to ensure that it is free from grammatical errors and typos.
  • Losing Focus: Keep your resume on track by keeping it focused on the type of job you are applying for. Your goals, skills, experience and achievements should be stated clearly. A technical support resume should emphasize your technical skills and experience more than any customer service or financial skills you may have.

Resume Content
Jon Rain
246 Mulberry Way, Marshmallow, LA 11111
Energetic technical support representative with strong communication and analytical skills. Adapts well to different situations and works well with minimal supervision. Skilled at prioritizing tasks, meeting deadlines and multitasking as needed. Ready to further develop skills and gain experience in a highly technical environment.
Advanced LAN knowledge
CompTIA certification
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Team player and collaborator
Highly motivated
Supportive and engaging personality
Increase server response time by 25 seconds
Mastery of remote environment systems
Proficient in Java and PHP
Excellent analytical skills
Advanced DBA skills
Desktop Support Analyst
1/1/2015 ? 4/1/2016
Logixy Inc. ? Manx, LA
Identified and researched answers to network support issues.
Programmed and maintained databases with Java and PHP code.
Inventoried installed software and hardware.
Coordinated database upgrades.
Installed and supported software on company PCs, mobiles phones, tablets and other electronic devices.
Configured, troubleshot and deployed updates to company workstations and printers.
Reviewed hardware and suggested products for hardware support and upgrades.
Collaborated with tech support team member to resolve escalation issues.
Routinely assisted clients with network support concerns and prioritized them for escalation.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Maracas University, Marshmallow, LA