Free Contemporary Veterinary Technician Resume Template

Veterinary practices come in many shapes and sizes. Some focus on large animals, for example, while others focus on companion animals such as dogs and cats. Others are more contemporary than some of their counterparts, for example, emphasizing the use of technology in their practices. A contemporary resume is your chance to show your expertise with technology products and with technology in general. Read over contemporary resume templates to better understand what we mean; below, we have provided a sample free contemporary veterinary technician resume and a few tips.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Veterinary Technician Resume

In a contemporary resume, you make clear that you know your tech stuff. Get specific with product and brand names when you can; that type of specificity often helps you stand out. Outline your qualifications as far as skills, work experience and education go. Use tech-related keywords in the job description to clarify which areas you could emphasize in your resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Forgetting to Round Out Your Resume: You may love technology so much that you forget you are a well-rounded person. Mention soft skills such as collaboration, communication and hard work. Your technology knowledge is important and helps you stand out, but you must show that a qualified person stands behind the tech savvy.
  • Overdoing the Tech: It can be tempting to include tech accounts such as Pinterest and Facebook on your resume. Avoid doing so, although it is great to add your LinkedIn account in the contact information section as long as the account is professional and makes you look good.
  • Being Opinionated: You may be surprised at how easy it is for an opinion to reveal itself in a resume. For example, saying something like, “Overhauled outdated office practices to implement paperless system” is unnecessary. Get rid of the word “outdated” for a statement that is more neutral; you never want to give a prospective employer the impression that you talk badly of current or former employers.
  • Appearing Too Slick: Bypass words such as “go-getter,” “synergy” and even “best of breed,” with its punny connotations for veterinary technicians. These types of words are vague; replace them with words such as “achieved” and “recognized as.”

Resume Content
Jamal Washington
764 Bryce Way, Roanoke, VA 11111
Team-oriented veterinary technician with five years of experience. Reliable, hardworking, compassionate. Focus on ongoing education to keep current with new and emerging tech trends. Seeking opportunity at veterinary clinic.
Licensed veterinary technician in Virginia
Diverse experience with software such as Animal Intelligence Software and McAllister Software Systems AVImark
Proficient in Microsoft software, including Excel and Access
Expertise with tools such as battery-powered portable suction units and humidification equipment
Switched office from paper to mostly paperless, increasing efficiency
Great team player and collaborator
Excellent communicator
Knack for working with all types of humans and animals
Veterinary Technician
8/1/2013 ? Present
Let’s Go to the V-E-T ? Roanoke, VA
Record notes on iPads during patient meetings to increase efficiency.
Use apps such as AliveCor to monitor patients’ vital signs.
Manage drug inventory and other types of inventory on medical software.
Soothe and restrain animals during procedures.
Perform emergency first aid as needed.
Administer anesthesia to animals and monitor their reactions.
Spearheaded electronic filing system that cut costs and paper waste by 30%.

Veterinary Technician
7/1/2011 ? 7/1/2013
An Apple a Day Keeps the Vet Away ? Roanoke, VA
Collected and prepared biological specimens for testing.
Monitored animals during and after treatments and surgery.
Ran diagnostic imaging equipment (ultrasound, CT, MRIs).
Developed program for fellow techs to receive continuing education online.

Veterinary Technology Associate of Applied Science, 05/2011
Darlene Meadows Community College, Darlene Meadows, VA