Free Creative Corporate Trainer Resume Template

When you’ve decided to go into a different direction of your corporate training career, it may be time to look for new employment. Some individuals make the choice to move on to a more modern organization that has new ideas and a fun work atmosphere. If you’re hoping to get hired by one of these types of companies, try writing your resume in a creative style. That means you must do your best to use words and phrases that demonstrate your capabilities of partnering with a cutting-edge organization. Here is how you can make your corporate trainer resume more creative.

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What to Include in a Creative Corporate Trainer Resume

A creative corporate trainer resume must first get the hiring manager’s attention. You can do this with more attention to your specific language and phrasing. Once you have the human resource department’s attention, make sure your resume is also full of measurable outcomes from your contributions to previous employers. These details can help give the hiring manager a better idea of what you have contributed in the past. Incorporate all of these elements throughout your resume along with your education, highlights and experiences. Then, it may be possible to get a job in one of these top organizations.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Boring Word Choice: A creative resume must capture the interest of the hiring manager. Wow them with purposeful language, vivid verbs and interesting adjectives that describe what you’ve done in the past.
  • Unorganized Format: Even though you’re going for a resume that is a little different from the typical style, you must still keep it organized. Set up your document in neat sections that detail your experiences and education in chronological order.
  • No Clear Focus: Some jobseekers spend time looking for various jobs in the same field. Make sure you prepare separate resumes for each specific position rather than one generic one.
  • Lack of Keywords: In the world of human resources today, there are more automated resume reading services that are used. Prepare your resume with important keywords from the job posting to get past one of these computerized assistants.

Resume Content
Alison Crow
117 Belmont Place Portland, OR 11111
Corporate training mastermind with lengthy list of achievements. Ability to train and teach anyone anything. Dramatic and exciting presentation methods. Strong methods of creating fun and purposeful learning experiences. Looking to help an organization develop top corporate training practices.
Professional development class ringleader
Solid skills penning training manuals
Past history in management
Ability to mentor and motivate
Rock solid reputation within past organizations
Wild and fun instructional experiences
Understanding of adult brain power
Creator of innovative team building experiences
Preferred member of employee teams
Outstanding orator
Talented wordsmith
Laser-trained detail catcher
Ability to model organization
Able to keep everyone surprised and interested
Corporate Trainer
5/1/2007 ? 9/1/2011
Merry Eco Solutions ? Portland, OR
Rehashed an entire training system for new corporate goals.
Designed hands-on learning experiences about new materials.
Transformed dry learning material into a dynamic and fresh presentation.
Tested employee understanding in a fun and engaging atmosphere.
Rewrote training materials with clever quips and smart word choice.
Increased efficiency 38% with new method of training.

Corporate Trainer
9/1/2011 ? Present
Fischer’s Paper ? Portland, OR
Managed to make presentations about paper cutting exciting.
Welcomed new employees with a comprehensive training experience.
Listened to owner and stakeholder input when developing materials.
Used creative methods to get employee’s attention during meetings.
Ensured understanding of manuals with snazzy designs and conversational text.
Promoted employee excitement with fun and engaging incentives.
Supported sales increase of 21% within the first quarter after changes.
Captained a group of three corporate trainers within department.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Pace University, Portland, OR