Free Creative Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume Template

Securing a preferred position as an insurance claims adjuster can be a tricky process, especially if you want to work with the coolest companies in the industry. Jobseekers looking for an exciting environment with a relaxed work setting may need to get more creative with their resume. Writing a creative style resume is not as difficult as it sounds; with a few adjustments to your language, you can master this type of resume writing. Here are some important things to keep in mind when drafting a creative resume.

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What to Include in a Creative Insurance Claims Adjuster Resume

If you’ve always dreamed of working with a company that leads the industry in progressive work habits, then listen up. Get rid of your boring resume, and revise it to reflect the creative attitude found at many of these organizations. Even a position that doesn’t sound very exciting, an insurance claims adjuster, can be made more dynamic with the right language choices. Changing your tone in your writing can get your personality across to this future employer. Make sure you have the basic resume requirements included as well, such as your education, job skills and accomplishments. This can help you enjoy a strong possibility of being hired.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Botched Electronic File: Don’t embarrass yourself by making a mistake when you email your resume to the hiring manager. Be sure to have it in the proper format, which is usually a Microsoft Word document.
  • Don’t Go Crazy With Graphics: While it may be nice to include some small graphical additions in your electronic file, such as tiny icons, don’t add unprofessional or whimsical touches like animation to your file.
  • Too Broad: Don’t widen your net with a generic resume applicable to any industry. Focus on creating a document that details your skills as an insurance claims adjuster.
  • Failing to Address Keywords: Hot companies that have a line of people waiting to work for them may screen applicants using a resume software service at first. Be ready for this with keywords from the job posting inserted into your document.

Resume Content
Harper Teal
943 Damascus Path Forest Hill, MD 11111
Top claims adjuster with desk full of awards from work. Skilled in every kind of insurance claim. Ability to turn an irate customer into a happy one. Known for not giving up even if it means long hours or lots of frustration. Seeking a spot as an insurance claims adjuster with a progressive company.
Expert with tough insurance claims cases
Special skills in completing interesting written reports
Effective case management strategies
Memorization of appropriate regulatory information
Ability to restate all pertinent insurance policy details
Master at risk management effectiveness
Regarded as the customer whisperer
Amazing skill at finding hidden fraudulent activity
Accident reconstruction queen
Data magician
Enviable writing and speaking talent
Never met an unnoticed detail
Private information kept under lock and key
Impressive work habits
Insurance Claims Processor
6/1/2005 ? 6/1/2011
Florida Insurance ? Bel Air, MD
Set the record for most insurance claims processed in a month.
Decorated the wall with portrait representing top claims processor.
Discovered fraud cases in investigations that could even baffle Sherlock Holmes.
Researched auto accidents using brain power and top resources.
Helped policyholders feel like more progress was being made.
Punched up timely investigation reports at conclusion.

Insurance Claims Adjuster
6/1/2011 ? Present
Smartwell Insurance ? Baltimore, MD
Smashed previous liability responsibility by finding instances of criminal acts.
Delivered superhero quality service in person when investigating accidents.
Found answers to claim questions by conducting interviews with those involved.
Created a massive stream of paperwork required for these matters.
Solved accident causes quicker than the top brains.
Drew up new risk management policies when possible issues arose.
Used the power of technology to virtually investigate while wearing pajamas at home.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Richmond College, Richmond, VA