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Resume Text
123 Street,
City, ST
H: (123) 456-7890
C: (123) 456-7890
Lab Technician with a specialization in manufacturing and production, seeking to take next career step with an organization offering opportunities for professional advancement. Adept in all facets of lab operations, including sample analysis, instrumentation maintenance and calibration, and quality assurance. Strong leadership skills with the ability to communicate across all-levels of operations to achieve business and client goals.
Quality assurance
Process improvement
Technical writing
Manufacturing and production
Specimen collection
Laboratory analysis
9/1/2014 ? Current
Lab Technician
Stepan Company ? Elwood, IL
Analyze samples, adjust batches, certify storage tanks, and perform general lab activities to support production.
Independently perform chemical and physical analysis and tests to sustain quality assurance for products and processes; interpret, document, and communicate results to production operators.
Provide accurate documentation of results, equipment maintenance, and calibration in laboratory logbooks, spreadsheets, LIMS, and certificates of analysis.
Approve incoming and outgoing material, sample disposal, solution preparation, non-standardized reagent preparation, and facilities maintenance.
Participate in safety and waste management programs and in department and continuous process improvement workgroups.
5/1/2013 ? 9/1/2014
Lab Technician
Fischer Manufacturing ? Moline, IL
Set up and performed routing and non-routine lab tests according to written requests and specifications.
Prepared test units and models for testing, recorded data electronically and manually, and performed minor maintenance on test rooms and equipment.
1/1/2010 ? 5/1/2013
Lab Technician
Wilshire Manufacturing ? Lisle, IL
Performed high and moderately complex tests as specified.
Oversaw sample management, test performance, quality control, result reviews, result reporting, and equipment maintenance.
Adhered to quality control policies and procedures for specimen handling and processing, test analysis, reporting, and maintenance of test results.
Identified issues adversely affecting test performance or reporting.
Documented corrective action implementation and explained test system deviations from established performance standards.
2009 — Bachelor of Science: Chemistry
University of Houston — Houston, TX