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This style was made to appease job seekers who like to show that they think outside of the box. Its memorable style ensures that you will stand out in a sea of candidates. However, is this good for your needs?

  • Pros: Employers can quickly determine if you’re a good culture fit
  • Pros: Ensures that you will be remembered
  • Cons: The law enforcement culture might not welcome this style
  • Cons: You may brand yourself inconsistently

Resume Text
123 Street,
City, ST
H: (123) 456-7890
C: (123) 456-7890
Motivated student currently pursuing a degree in criminal justice, seeking to secure crime analyst internship to further develop experience. Skilled in compiling, sorting, and analyzing data and statistics, including GIS data, to uncover criminal activity hotspots and provide recommendations for proactive policing. Success in working in collaborative environments in order to achieve operational goals and mission objectives.
Criminal justice
GIS and data analysis
Law enforcement
Office administration
Statistics, trends, and patterns
Collaboration and leadership
Current — Bachelor of Arts: Administration of Justice
University of the District of Columbia — Washington, DC
Criminal Justice Fundamentals
Learned about the criminal justice system, including underlying concepts used to accomplish overall mission and goals such as history, philosophy, constitutional limitations, and processes.
Studied and discussed police, court, and corrections, their interrelationships, and contribution to criminal justice system.
Law Enforcement Fundamentals
Examined historical and contemporary issues impacting and defining American policing.
Assessed and analyzed federal, state, and local law enforcement characteristics and operational missions, and the impact of law enforcement agencies on culture and society.
Introduction to Social Problems
Gained insight into methods and theories used to define social natures, including culture, socialization, social organization, social institutions, and social stratification.
Evaluated problems associated with crime and social deviance such as sexual variance, substance abuse, physical and mental illness, crime and delinquency, and violence.
6/1/2015 ? 08/2015
GIS / Crime Analyst Intern
Arlington County Police Department ? Arlington, VA
Assisted Crime Analysis Unit to perform various crime analysis functions and provided direct assistance and support to GIS Crime Analyst.
Gathered and analyzed local and multi-jurisdictional crime data, including reports on non-violent crimes such as burglaries and breaking and entering incidents; leveraged crime data and knowledge of police programs and patrol activities to identify opportunities for proactive law enforcement.
Extracted data such as arrests, accidents, and case history from multiple sources, including Police Records Management System (RMS).