Free Creative Special Education Teacher Resume Template

Getting hired by the newest schools means your resume has to be up to the task. If you want to work for a charter school with a unique mission or an independent school that has an unorthodox approach, you should try to write a resume using a creative style. Focusing your resume on this particular style can help your application get noticed. Then, you can be closer to becoming part of that school community. Here are some ways to get your resume more suited to the job.

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What to Include in a Creative Special Education Teacher Resume

You may need to go with writing a creative style special education teacher resume for certain types of schools. These are the schools that are usually smaller or privately funded. They may offer a unique way of teaching that is different from the standard public school. The principal or headmaster may be the one reviewing your resume, so it’s vital that you make yourself sound like the perfect fit. As you talk about your highlights, experiences and education, you should try to be as creative as possible with your word choice. This may help you get offered a position in a totally new atmosphere in special education.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Too Lengthy: For most resumes, stick to the one-page length. Even if you have a long list of experience, cut back on some of these to get your resume closer to one page.
  • Don’t Meet the Requirements: For a special education job, even within a creative atmosphere, you must be certified in the field. If you are suddenly interested in teaching and have no background in the field or credentials, you may be out of luck.
  • Including Personal Information: Don’t get into personal details with your resume. This could make you appear unsuitable for the job.
  • False Details: Don’t let your imagination get out of hand. Be sure that you don’t have facts that are false on your resume.

Resume Content
Alexandra Fisk
6578 Eskimo Way Columbia, NH 11111
Groundbreaking special educator with a passion for learning. Reputation for pushing the envelope to engross students. Known for creating a caring and upbeat classroom environment. Constantly searching for new methods of pushing kids to go above and beyond. Ready to join a team of teaching professionals in special education this year.
Special education endorsement
Well-versed in IEP creation
Solid case management experience
Creator of most shared lesson plans
Top rated teacher in previous school
Juggler of many different subject matters
Constantly integrating the five senses into learning
Common core foot soldier
Tactful and engaging
Rock solid level of patience
Much copied organizational style
Ability to keep students well behaved without raising voice
Special Education Teacher
8/1/2011 ? 6/1/2014
Sawyer Elementary School ? Manchester, NH
Achieved case management guru level with 18 students.
Wrote lesson plans that additionally scored bonus points with kids.
Navigated the journey of writing an IEP from start to finish.
Gave students tools to help achieve top concept understanding.
Organized an animal reading level system for the elementary classroom.
Determined student reading levels depending on assessment findings.
Provided parents with a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent to.

Special Education Teacher
8/1/2014 ? Present
Christchurch Elementary School ? Manchester, NH
Initiated the IEP process for eligible students.
Developed expert-level skills in all academic subjects to provide support.
Ensured student excitement about math with toys to support math facts.
Used learning stations about grime and gross things to develop reading skills.
Formed a superhero teacher partnership to help students progress.
Double and triple checked all legal documentation for school consistency.
Spent countless hours using planning time and lunch for extracurricular fun for kids.
Mentored newbie teachers during beginning years.

Bachelor of Science in Special Education
Swift University, Conway, NH