Free Creative Chemist Resume Template

Having a great resume can often spell the difference between landing the job of your dreams or landing in the reject pile. When applying to a job at a company with a reputation for youthfulness and creativity, you should choose phrasing that reflects the company culture. You often have a high degree of freedom with these types of resumes, but you should always be sure that you are putting your skills and experience front and center. Our creative chemist resume template will help you create a resume that makes hiring managers pay attention when your application crosses their desk. Edit the template as you see fit, adhering to the tips following the resume to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.

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What to Include in a Creative Chemist Resume

A creative chemist resume allows you a relative amount of freedom when writing it. Use more dynamic language and even a touch of humor where appropriate. However, your skills, experience and relevant education should still be front and center. Make sure you explain why you are qualified in addition to showcasing a bit of your personality.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

These are a few of the common mistakes job seekers make when writing their resumes. Make sure that you’re not falling prey to them.

  • Writing more than a single page. Try to make your resume as close to one full page as possible without going over. If your resume is only a few lines too long, you can change the formatting or font to get everything to fit as long as you don’t sacrifice readability.
  • Stretching the truth. Never lie on your resume or exaggerate your accomplishments. If there is something you aren’t sure of, such of dates of employment at a particular job, double-check to ensure that you are not inadvertently telling an fib.
  • Including what the employer doesn’t need to know. Stick to skills and experience that are directly related to the job for which you are applying. Check the job description closely and tailor your resume to the requirements for the position.

Resume Content
John Jones
4321 Washington Ave., Atlanta, GA 23456
Forward-thinking chemist dedicated to issues of environmental protection. More than five years of experience managing projects related to environmental cleanup and contamination prevention. Vigorously oversee teams of up to 10 lab assistants and associate chemists, with a long history of coming to cost-effective solutions to contamination issues that leave both humans and wildlife smiling.
Ran and maintained a field lab
Familiar with HPLC, AA, FTIR, GC and ICP methods of analysis
Managed teams of scientists in the field
Wrote and submitted detailed reports
Experience with cutting-edge equipment and procedures
Field Chemist
10/1/2010 ? 3/1/2015
ABC Environmental Consultants ? Savanna, GA
Oversaw dynamic teams of associate chemists and lab assistants
Secured a multimillion dollar contract with a major supplier of mining equipment and supplies
Inspected work sites to ensure that they were safe for native plants and wildlife
Maintained laboratory equipment both in the field and in the lab
Inventoried equipment and ordered new materials as needed
Analyzed soil and water samples using an array of methods, including high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and inductively coupled plasma

Assistant Chemist
3/1/2008 ? 7/1/2009
Smith and Jones Company ? Athens, GA
Managed inventory of chemical substances for shipment to labs around the United States
Researched and reviewed compounds for compliance with EPA regulations
Provided advice to clients to help them make more environmentally conscious decisions in purchasing and implementation

Master of Science in Organic Chemistry
Honeysuckle University, Atlanta, GA
Bachelor of Science in Earth Science
State University, Birmingham, AL