Free Creative Chief Executive Officer Resume Template

As the name implies, a resume written in the creative style is meant to showcase the creative aspect your professional background. Unlike other resume styles, you will need to use more emotional and colorful language if you want to impress the hiring manager. This style of resume is geared towards individuals applying for jobs in highly creative industries or jobs at places with a history of innovation and ingenuity. Writing a resume can be difficult at times, but after consulting this creative chief executive officer resume template and the accompanying tips, you will have no problem writing your own exceptional resume.

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What to Include in a Creative Chief Executive Officer Resume

Deciding what to include in a creative chief executive officer resume can be difficult, but as long as you remember to differentiate yourself from other candidates, all will be well. These resumes require more personality, so don’t be afraid to showcase your full vocabulary. You should also show that you are ambitious and proactive, so be sure to include information about your achievements and results. Since you are writing a creative resume, it would be a great idea to use a slightly more exciting resume format.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Boring Language: In a creative resume, your use of language may be the most important part of the writing process. You want to use emotionally jarring and descriptive language that will draw the reader in, and allow him or her to paint a clear mental picture of your abilities and professional background. Please avoid trite, bland, or overused words and phrases at all costs.
  • Not Enough Information: Yes, creativity is important, but you should still remember that you are writing a resume. Like other styles, creative resumes can be compromised by not adding enough information about your job history and skills.
  • Cookie-Cutter Formatting: Since the goal is to be creative, you should probably avoid using common resume formats. Browse the internet for examples of unique resume formats, or create one from scratch.
  • Grammatical Errors: Despite the fact that you are writing a creative resume, you will still need to use proper spelling and grammar if you want to get hired.

Resume Content
Mark Evans
5182 Woodside Drive, Chicago, IL 11111
Driven and goal-oriented executive with over two decades of experience in the food and beverage production industry. Capable of setting financial goals and exceeding them on a regular basis. Strong history of managing hundreds of professionals from diverse backgrounds and fostering an environment of cooperation and teamwork. Ability to make difficult decisions and adhere to company policies. Seeking a new, more creativity-based executive position at a company that values success and ambition.
Proven food and beverage sales aficionado
Ability to lead workers into daily corporate battles
Corporate finance
Masterful tweaking of company budgets
Excellent communication skills
Client persuasion
Contract and deal negotiation
Organizational restructuring
Jumpstarted coffee consumption by 21% in three quarters
Chief Executive Officer
North Shore Coffee & Tea ? Chicago, IL
5/1/2005 ? 4/1/2016

Subjected coffee beans to rigorous tests to ensure beverage quality.
Met with finance and operating executives to determine corporate strategy.
Expanded production facilities into two foreign markets (Colombia and Indonesia).
Implemented stellar marketing campaign that resulted in a 34% growth in the Hawaiian Kona brand.
Periodically restructured company to increase productivity and revenue.
Ensured that all employees and executives adhered to local, federal, and international laws and regulations.
Used awesomeness of brand to bait new investors and land commercial and government accounts.
Increased revenue by 31% in two years using internet marketing campaigns.
Revolutionized local coffee production by requiring the roasting of beans at central facility instead of foreign establishments.
Bachelor of Science in Management
University of Washington, Seattle, WA