Free Creative Digital Marketing Manager Resume Template

Are you on the job hunt and you want to make your search as effective as possible? Take a look at our creative digital marketing manager resume as a great starting point for your own professional document. When you are applying to a company known for a creative and fun-loving company culture, the creative resume will help you showcase how great a fit you are for the established team. With a creative resume, feel free to have a little fun with your thesaurus and be consistent with your tone. Keep reading to gain a deeper understanding of this resume type.

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What to Include in a Creative Digital Marketing Manager Resume

It can be a little nerve-racking to refer to yourself as a marketing aficionado in a professional resume, but for the right company, it’s a sure ticket to an interview. Of course, you’ll still need to highlight your most attractive skills and convince the reader that you are a talented professional. Make sure you include the above sections as a minimum of relevant information. If you think it’s relevant and necessary, feel free to add another section to your resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Including References: This is seen as an outdated move in the current resume environment. List your references in a separate document and only give them out when specifically asked.
  • No Bullets: Bullets make your resume easier to read and allow you to put even more excellent information into your resume.
  • No Keywords: If you were an employer looking for a digital marketing manger, what words would you include in a Google or database search? Include these words to increase the chance of the right employer stumbling across your resume.
  • Filler: Do you have any information that you know your employer won’t read or consider important? Leave this information out even if your resume looks a bit light.
  • Including Hobbies: Hobbies aren’t relevant to your professional merits. However, this can be a great topic for an interview if asked or relevant.

Resume Content
Charles Potter
711 Private Drive, Dayton, ND 11111
Talented Digital Marketing Manager with passion for social media, surpassing quarterly goals and fresh promotion strategies. Marketing aficionado skilled in building campaigns and brands from scratch as well as revamping outdated web presences. Seeking senior position in ambitious company with no fear of future trends and technologies.
Implemented new Twitter content campaign for 50 percent increase in followers
Proficient in basic HTML and CSS
Knowledge of SEO field
Excellent with Adobe Photoshop
Proficient with Final Cut Pro
Digital Marketing Manager
5/1/2014 ? 5/1/2016
Diggs Outreach and Consulting ? New Burg, ND
Spearheaded redevelopment projects related to social media presence, negative ratings and brand reception.
Designed attractive logos and media templates for rebranding clients.
Negotiated services and contracts with new clients.
Collaborated with 10-marketer team to design and implement the next great marketing plan for each client.
Advised clients on the best and broadest-reaching message for their brands and campaigns.
Ensured consistency in brand and voice across web platforms for clients.

Digital Marketing Manager
7/1/2010 ? 3/1/2014
T & E Colorado ? Denver, CO
Dubbed “in-house talent chief” for successfully surpassing campaign expectations in over half of my team’s assigned projects.
Guided entry-level consultants into excellent performance reviews and better marketing ideas.
Kept up with the trends in the digital marketing world with continuing education and professional subscriptions.
Represented company at industry events and expanded client and partner networks during these events.
Implemented full company website revamp, which brought in 10 percent more customers over the course of 12 months.

Bachelor of Marketing and Communications
University of Maryland, College Park, MD