Free Creative Fashion Assistant Buyer Resume Template

In the fashion world there are many jobs at creative, modern companies, but there are also lots of people vying for those jobs. To set yourself apart, you may need to put together a creative resume that shows employers what kind of person you are. While you can’t skip required information like job experience and education, creative resumes do allow a little more leeway when it comes to how you describe all of that. Take a look at the template, best practices and other tips provided here when you are ready to starting building a resume that serves as a vibrant, interesting introduction to who you are as a professional and as a human being.

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What to Include in a Creative Fashion Assistant Buyer Resume

Resumes should be different depending on the type of company you are applying for and the type of career you have had. If you are looking to find employment at a trendy, unique, inventive retail brand, your creativity and personality should be evident when you create your resume. Just like any type of resume, a creative resume needs to get across certain key pieces of information, but you can be a lot less formal and regimented with your word choice. Still, don’t forget to include a summary of what you are looking for in a job and what you have to offer, highlights of your career, job experience and education details.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Forgetting to Include Key Information: It might seem strange, but it’s not unheard of to forget to include key details like your phone number or an important skill. That’s why you should always check your resume multiple times before emailing it to any potential employer.
  • Skipping the Summary: Your summary is a huge opportunity. Chances are, there are five to seven things you’d want a potential employer to know about you if they don’t learn anything else. Put these things into your summary and treat it like your elevator pitch.
  • Making Layout Choices that Compromise Readability: While it’s good to be a little different in creative resumes, you should never opt for layouts and design choices that make it hard for employers to get a quick picture of you. Too thin or too narrow margins, unreadable fonts, dark colors on dark backgrounds (or light colors on light backgrounds) are all things that can make your resume a pain to read.
  • Using Overly Informal Language and Information: While you definitely should show personality, remember there’s a fine line between being creative and inappropriate. Only reveal information that you would share in a professional interview.

Resume Content
Wendy Arness
8359 Havery Parkway, Balst, FL
Creative, passionate, fashion devotee with an eye for the unique and the uncommon and insight into the pulse of fashion. Quick-thinking, strategic team player focused on meeting goals and finding the art in everyday work. In search of a hive of creativity and open-minded thinking to engage with and use both artistic and analytical skills.
Bartwaithe Fashion Institute Student Senior Fashion Show Winner
Personal fashion blog has 7,500 readers and 10K followers on Instagram
Natural relationship builder
Intense work ethic
Collaborator and innovation leader
Business-minded fashion maven
Assistant Fashion Buyer
2/1/2013 ? Current
SHARI, Fashion + Accessories ? Balst, FL
Scan the fashion landscape for hot new trends
Hunt down the best, most interesting fashion wholesalers
Cultivate lasting wholesaler relationships
Attain average of 25% discount from fashion wholesalers
Balance both fashion and budget considerations

Stylist/Assistant Manager
1/1/2010 ? 2/1/2013
Alya Boutique ? Balst, FL
As a sales superstar, upsold 35% of customers to additional accessory and shoe purchases
Crafted an award-winning window display two years running
Envisioned and executed personalized outfits for store clientele
Increased store annual revenue by 50% over three years of employment

Certificate of Fashion Business Hamish University, Hamish, NY
Master of Arts in Textile Design
Bartwaithe Fashion Institute, Bartwaithe, NY