Free Creative Foreign Language Teacher Resume Template

When you want to get your ideal teaching job, you need a standout resume. The creative resume is a great way to catch the eye of your next employer. When is the creative foreign language teacher resume the right choice? If the school you’re applying to encourages freethinking, open discussion and artistic creativity, this might just be the right resume template for you. Check out the resume template and writing guide below to understand the creative template.

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What to Include in a Creative Foreign Language Teacher Resume

With the creative resume, you have plenty of license to play with your format, font and overall look. You also have room to bring out your thesaurus and use funky phrases. However, keep the focus on telling the reader about your professional merits. Ultimately you have to have great content, but the creative resume template gives you some room for a stunning look as well. Get the best of both worlds with this template.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Dishonesty: Be completely honest about your credentials, education and skills. You don’t want to overstate your abilities and end up teaching the wrong subject.
  • Unnecessary Filler: Even if you are an entry-level teacher, don’t incorporate fluff or irrelevant information in your resume. This includes personal hobbies and irrelevant job tasks.
  • Typos: Especially if you are a language teacher, you don’t want to get caught using the wrong homophone or misspelling a word. Always proofread your final draft.
  • No Bullets: Bullet points make your resume easier to read at a glance and can help you economize space if you have an extensive career.
  • Listing References: In the past, references were included in the resume, but not anymore. Keep your references in a different document and only give it out when asked.
  • Negativity: Regardless of how you feel about past positions and experiences, keep your resume positive in tone and overall content.

Resume Content
Jackie Donahue
1550 Jackson Road, Smithville, MA 11111
Compassionate and creative foreign language teacher with experience bringing life and energy into any classroom. Foreign language teacher driven by students’ achievements and development. Seeking position at educational institution dedicated to fostering critical thinking skills and strong adults ready to enter the professional and academic world.
Forward-thinking lesson planning
Knowledge of learning styles
Diverse classroom capabilities
Strong class discipline
Interactive teaching style
Able to handle classrooms of 30 students
Fluent in Spanish
Spanish Teacher
8/1/2012 ? 6/1/2016
John S. Smithville High School ? Smithville, MA
Collaborated with department chair to bring interactive games, apps and music lessons to the foreign language department.
Encouraged students to express their creativity and learn diverse vocabulary by rewriting their favorite pop songs for projects and presentations.

Spanish Teacher
7/1/2010 ? 6/1/2012
Ronald H. Gerald High School ? Boston, MA
Implemented diverse teaching methods and approaches to successfully propel student towards academic success.
Discovered creative solutions to vocabulary difficulties with classroom scavenger hunts and outdoor activities.
Incorporated Spanish pop songs to help advanced students with translation and classroom motivation.

Spanish Teacher
8/1/2008 ? 7/1/2010
Jane L. Doolittle High School ? Rocky River, MO
Co-sponsored the Spanish Club with fellow Spanish teacher.
Collaborated in constant evaluation with development of the foreign language curriculum.
Attended all department and staff briefings. Spanish Teacher 08/2007 – 06/2008East Stone Creek High School, Stone Creek, MO
Frequently attended professional development workshops for first-year teachers.
Collaborated with other Spanish teachers to develop strong and interactive lesson plans.
Joined the Spot Team, a teacher group where each member was assigned an at-risk student to mentor and guide academically.
Bachelor of Arts in Education, Minors in Spanish and French
Uptown University, Stone Creek, MO