Free Creative Medical Assistant Resume Template

Learning how to piece together a strong, enticing creative resume is vital to finding a successful position as a medical assistant. This type of resume is often beneficial if you are searching for a position with a practice that prides itself on being creative and thinking critically. Consulting our free creative medical assistant resume template can help you learn what to include and what to omit. Review the following tips to gain a clearer understanding of what is required to craft a winning resume.

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What to Include in a Creative Medical Assistant Resume

When you craft a creative medical assistant resume, the most important thing to remember is to be deliberate and carefully consider every word you include. Everything you choose to highlight will affect your resume and your chances of attracting enough attention to nab an interview. To have the greatest success with your creative resume, make sure you include some highlights about what makes you stand out, and show your creativity through your word choice and design.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Being Purposefully Deceptive: Even if you want a job very badly, lying on your resume is not the way to go. Maintain integrity and always be honest, even if it hurts.
  • Being Dull: One of the keys to catching the eye of a hiring manager is creativity. Take the time to liven things up by using new and interesting phrases.
  • Including the Kitchen Sink: No one wants to have to wade through a life story to get to the meat of your resume. Just include the important parts.
  • Choosing a Comprehensive Resume: If you fail to tailor each resume to every job you apply to, you may not receive a call from any of them.

Resume Content
Frederick James McFadden
18293 Brown Hen Way, Las Vegas, NV 11111
Passionate and selfless medical assistant with 12 years of experience seeking a position where he can use his skills to help ease patient worry and increase positive outcomes in patient care. Gladly accepted administrative, surgical and medical responsibilities and built extensive knowledge and skill in all three areas. Supporting physicians and other members of the medical arena in providing superior medical care to patients brings him great satisfaction and meaning. Hoping to be at home working with a like-minded team that can provide mentoring to fulfil the craving for additional knowledge and advancement in the medical field.
Prides himself on maintaining advanced written and verbal communication skills.
Named “Medical Assistant of the Year” three years in a row for service in a hospital setting.
Known as File Man Freddy for creating and maintaining a comprehensive patient file organization system that reduces patient intake times and increases time available for patient care.
Certified – American Association of Medical Assistants.
Loved by patients for easing their fears using jokes and laughter when appropriate.
Assisted in administrative and clinical tasks to help physicians and other members of the medical teams better prepare for more than 100 patients each day.
Medical Assistant
2011 ? Present
University Medical Center ? Las Vegas, NV
Fulfill administrative duties common to medical offices, including maintaining patient files, accepting payments, setting appointments and sorting mail.
Calm and anticipate the needs of patients while preparing them for surgery and physical exams, including undressing, positioning and cleaning.
Close the operating room following a procedure.
Engage in common medical activities such as cleaning and applying dressings to wounds, removing casts and administering medications.

Medical Assistant
2008 ? 2011
Desert Palm Obstetrics ? Las Vegas, NV
Handled scheduling of appointments and maintained physician’s schedules.
Tracked the vitals of patients, including their blood pressure, respiration, pulse, weight and height.
Anticipated the needs of the doctor and patient by appropriately preparing exam and treatment rooms.

Medical Assistant
2004 ? 2008
Desert Oasis Medical Group ? Las Vegas, NV
Kept patients and doctors happy by performing office tasks such as setting appointments and filing patient records, effortlessly and with a smile.
Attentively listened to patients and accurately recorded their medical and family histories.
Associate of Science – Medical Assisting
Community College of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV