Free Medical Receptionist Creative Resume Template

Make sure you put in the effort to create a strong resume when you are preparing to apply for a job. This is the first major aspect that determines whether hiring managers will be interested in you, so you cannot afford to neglect it. Even better, write your resume in a specific style that will make it as appealing to the specific company you are applying to as possible. A creative resume is more effective for newer, hipper companies that employ a less traditional approach to operation. If you feel the business you are applying with would appreciate a creative resume, follow this simple guide.

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What to Include in a Medical Receptionist Creative Resume

When writing your creative medical receptionist resume, consider that the standard sections to include are a summary, skill highlight, experience section, and education section. Of course, because you are writing a creative resume, you can play with the formula slightly, but it is usually recommended to use this as a starting point. Additionally, you should include the strongest information in your experience section, as this is what employers are typically most interested in. More important than following a standard formula is to be sure to analyze the company you are applying with and think about how you can make your resume appeal specifically to those in the business.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Writing passively: Employers are always interested in the action you will take if hired and the actions you have taken in the past. This is why your experience section is so vital. To make it possible for readers to envision you in the position, begin each bullet point in this section with a strong action verb.
  • Not being intentional: As the writer, you should know the purpose behind each sentence in your resume. Because space is limited, you cannot afford to include anything that does not serve a specific purpose. Being mindful of this while writing will also improve the quality of your writing.
  • Not sticking to one page: It is easy to write too little or too much, but it is almost always best for your resume to be as close to one full page as possible. Only professionals with more than 10 years of experience should use two pages and anything less than one page does not communicate enough.
  • Affecting the surface appearance of your resume: While the content of your resume is most important, the appearance also does influence your first impression. In particular, large blocks of uninterrupted text and gaps of wasted space hurt the way readers consider you.
  • Failing to proofread: It is an often overlooked step, but a vital one. After you finish writing, do not just send your resume off immediately. Always take the time to review it, find and fix typographical errors, and make improvements.

Resume Content
Alice Burney
7589 Long Ave, Cleveland, OH 11111
Experienced receptionist expert able to bring outstanding attention to detail and communication skills to a results-oriented career in the medical receptionist position. With experience in the service field, candidate is ready to expertly greet guests and perform administrative tasks.
Excellent schedule management skills
Friendly interpersonal skills to make guests feel welcome
Expertly handle patient flow
Extensive customer service experience
Office Receptionist
3/1/2013 ? Current
Thomason Distribution ? Assist guests with any requests they have
Greet all clients and guests
Answer phone calls and email correspondences efficiently and friendly
Perform 8% more efficiently than previous receptionists
Schedule all appointments and confirm them in advance
Cleveland High School – High School Diploma (GPA: 3.8)
Cleveland, OH
Bachelor of Science Candidate – Medicine
University of Ohio – Athens, OH