Free Creative Probation Officer Resume Template

Especially in today’s technology driven world, you want to make sure that your resume stands out amongst the crowd. The format in which you present your experience and skills can help in such endeavors. Certain resume styles appeal to specific business types more than others. While traditional or professional style resumes are good for traditional and corporate companies, a creative format is a great option for innovative, young companies. To gain a better understanding of the latter writing style, review this creative probation officer resume template and the related resume tips.

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What to Include in a Creative Probation Officer Resume

A creative probation officer resume should have creative characterization where possible. Even considering the serious nature of the position, try to make the information pop with creative action verbs. To help you present yourself as a well-rounded candidate, make sure that you include all of the necessary sections: summary, highlights, experience and education.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • General Resumes: Remember that even if a creative company is within a traditional field, it will have its own distinguishing characteristics. Therefore, one creative resume will not usually fit all companies. Take time to customize your creative resume to each company.
  • Being Untruthful: Being untruthful is a sure way for you not to get the job if you are caught. Therefore, it is always a good policy to tell the truth. Even if you have limited experience in a certain aspect, it is best to speak highly of the skills you do have.
  • Not Ordering Your Skills: When you do not take the time to order your skills in each section, you run the chance of the hiring manager missing key information should he or she just skim over your resume, which is quite common.
  • Being Unfocused: All of the information that you present should be unique, relevant to the position and concise. Consider leaving off information that does not add to your character as a viable candidate for the specific position.

Resume Content
Sherrell Loveright
247 Maple Tree Way, Augusta, GA 11111
Dedicated probation officer with over 10 years of experience in the criminal justice field. Noted for ability to successfully coordinate and orchestrate rehabilitation efforts for different types of parolees. Possessing exceptional problem solving and administrative skills. Seeks to advance in career with a growing organization.
Facilitate the transition of parolees by helping them secure jobs and other necessary resources
Supervise the progress of various clients and institute adjustments when necessary
Compile and analyze various court reports
Effectively communicate with parolees, fellow parole officers and representatives of the court
Enforce full compliance with State regulations and standard operation procedures of the facility
Employ strong problem solving skills in various situations
Excellent public relations skills
Proficient in Microsoft Office
Probation Officer
1/1/2010 ? Present
Central Offender Services ? Augusta, GA
Manage a large caseload of parolees and their files
Utilize exceptional analytical skills to review various court reports to determine appropriate courses of action with clients
Conduct periodic meetings with paroles to assess their compliance with all requirements for their parole
Ensure that parolees have access to needed resources to make a successful transition out of the system
Stay abreast of the criminal justice system and current and pending laws
Quickly resolve parolee issues and provide counseling to help keep them on the right path

Probation Officer Assistant
1/1/2005 ? 12/1/2009
Community Corrections Facility ? Augusta, GA
Create strong relationships with other probation offices and criminal justice agencies
Provided services and necessary documents to the courts
Assisted with the supervision of various parolees
Employed investigative skills to research file information
Presented parole candidates to parole officers
Input and maintained data on all parolees
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA