Free Creative Radio Host Resume Template

Radio stations typically look for on-air personalities that will match the genre to which they belong. Yet no matter what area of radio broadcasting they are involved in, all stations want someone who will draw in viewer interest. You can showcase your ability to do just that by drawing in a prospective employer’s attention through your resume. Yours should be crafted to not only reflect your target company’s culture, but also with enough creativity so as to make a station manager want to know more about you through an interview. Creating it in this way shows who you are, how well you can engage an audience, and that you care enough to learn about the company you wish to work for.

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What to Include in a Creative Radio Host Resume

The previous sample template demonstrates how to use creativity in crafting a resume that’s specifically targeted to a certain employer and/or demographic. By describing all skills relevant to the message and the culture of a particular station (note that factors not directly relevant to radio broadcasting are included), you provide a clear idea of what you have to offer and how your personality is in line with both the station and its targeted viewership.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid generalities: Be specific about your skills and provide the details of what it took to develop them.
  • Don’t be shy: Selling yourself to stations gives them the model of how to sell you to listeners.
  • Don’t be humble or self-deprecating: Show confidence in who you are and the value you offer.

Resume Content
Wanda Woodson
19285 3rd Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 11111
Energetic and vibrant personality wanting to be shared with listeners interested in health and fitness in the local market. After three years of working as a vlogger, looking for a way to better engage with audiences. Over 50,000 local followers on social media sites and 100,000-plus subscribers on YouTube. Acted as special correspondent to local television media outlets to cover events related to the health and wellness industry. Acquired several skills easily adaptable to radio both in that role and through running video blog.
Personally developed and created video blog and accompanying social media site dedicated to sharing information on the latest news and trends in the health and fitness industry.
Attended several communications conferences covering topics such sales and marketing, public speaking styles, media ethics, and crucial conversations.
Contributed reviews and opinions on new exercise, fitness, and nutritional products and trends to well-known publications.
Consistently created 20-30 hours of new content for video blog on a weekly basis, ranging from advice based on personal experience, to on-air demonstrations of new products and workout techniques, and responding to viewer questions.
Ranked in the Top 50 of the freshest and most intriguing new voices in the vlogosphere.
Personally contacted by local news outlet to contribute regular commentary on new health and wellness trends, as well as to help cover local fitness conferences and recreational athletic events.
Cultivated strong professional and personal relationships with several renowned people in the both health and fitness as well as the entertainment and news industries.
Labored tirelessly in earning over 150,000 followers and subscribers to online forums related to video blog.
Established a local network of online resources through vlog where both fitness professionals could share tips and tricks and everyday exercise enthusiasts could ask questions.
Certified personal trainer who still finds time to offer one-on-one advice and assistance to clients.
Founder and Host ? Ann Arbor, MI
2013 ? 2016
Personal Trainer
Wanda’s Wellness ? Ann Arbor, MI
2006 ? Present

Special Correspondent
WUGY ? Ann Arbor, MI
Contributing Columnist
GetFit Magazine
Health and Well Experts
The Eating Right Editorial
Bachelor of Exercise Science
Juniper College, Juniper Michigan
Graduated Magna Cum Laude
Volunteered for athletic training staffs for football, lacrosse, and track teams
Took additional courses in nutrition, psychology, anatomy and physiology, and communications