Free Creative Research Associate Resume Template

Your resume is a powerful marketing tool for you to use to catch the attention of recruiters at organizations that have a creative, abstract and innovative reputation. Your CV should be written in a way that captures their interest in a professional manner while showcasing the qualifications and experience you have that make you the perfect fit for the research associate position you are seeking. A creative style resume can help to distinguish yours from all others. Continue reading this free creative research associate resume template and guide to learn more about how to create a potent CV that will get the attention of hiring managers in helpful ways.

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What to Include in a Creative Research Associate Resume

Your research associate resume should creatively showcase your credentials. You may want to use a thesaurus to improve the language in your CV and to prevent redundancy while showing off your innovativeness. It is okay for you to use a few introspective or ornamental phrases; just be sure to keep your CV relevant to the job in the process.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Using Paragraphs: You may have a lot of information that you want to include, but your resume needs to be arranged in a way that enables recruiters to scan through it quickly. Writing your resume in paragraph lengthens the document and makes it harder for potential employers to find the information they want. Use bullets points to give your resume a stronger impact.
  • Not Listing Relevant Qualifications: While trying to prove that you are qualified for the job, you shouldn’t be so quick to list every single qualification you have, especially if they are not related to the position you are trying to obtain. However, list all of the relevant experience and qualifications you have to demonstrate you are the best candidate for the position.
  • Offering References: You don’t need to include a line about making references available when potential employers request them. If employers are interested in your references, they will ask for them. Use that space on your CV for something more beneficial to help bolster your qualifications.
  • Being Dishonest: Embellishing your credentials and skills in order to make yourself appear to be a more qualified candidate makes you appear dishonest to employers. Even if the lie is not noticed right away, once caught it could cost you the position. No matter how tempting it may be for you to stretch the truth on your resume, don’t do it.

Resume Content
John Witherheights
353 Cookiery Road, Jamestown, AK 11111
555. 980.7521
Enthusiastic and meticulous professional with experience in accounting, business management and investments. Fast learner with extraordinary knowledge of corporate finance and marketing concepts. Passionate about data analysis, research and market analysis. Desiring business research associate position with a financial organization.
Mastery of accounting principles
Experienced in calculating risks and gains
Efficient at budget analysis and preparation
Expertise in financial analysis and planning
Fluent in marketing principles
Passionate team player
Meticulous observation skills
Highly analytical
Driven self-starter
Multitasking expert
Effective communication abilities
Research Assistant
2/13/2016 ? Current
IGE Financial ? Hope, AK
Organize and plan financial data.
Document all deposits and opening and closing balances.
Establish best practices to improve accuracy and department operations.
Develop and coordinate projects to improve funding.
Establish new funding procedures and initiatives for various projects.
Document all financial data to ensure timely transmission of information.
Interact with project manager to enhance the fluidity of project development.
Maintain accurate accounting of closing balances and reconcile them with opening balances.
Support research team.
Monitor file system and database.
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Kelleiwn University, Goodstown, Powton, AK