Free Creative Sanitation Resume Template

If you’ve got your eye on a job that flouts tradition, encourages expression and values work environment, writing a creative resume will be one of the first steps to success. Reviewing creative resume templates is a great place to start, and the example below can provide preliminary guidance. Drafting a creative resume affords you the opportunity to stand out and express yourself, and it’s best used when you’re applying to newer employers or ones that take an outside-the-box approach. Unlike traditional or executive resumes, it’s ok to be innovative with language and content. Take these tips into account for a better understanding of the resume-writing process.

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What to Include in a Creative Sanitation Resume

Your objective in writing a creative resume is to show recruiters that you have both the qualifications and the think-outside-the-box attitude they’re looking for. You can take liberties with your word choice and highlight your uniqueness to bring its contents to life. Your experience and the job you are a candidate for should guide your composition, and you can get the best results by including the preceding sections in your creative resume.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Staying Too Stiff: With a creative resume, you have a little bit of wiggle room in the tone and phrasing you use. You can, as the title suggests, get creative and put your own spin on things. Don’t restrict yourself with an overly formal style.
  • Stretching the Truth: Any kind of dishonesty or deception is a bad idea on a resume. It is a liability, and it is also likely to be found out in the long run.
  • Highlighting the Wrong Qualifications: When you’re applying for a sanitation job, qualifications such as familiarity with materials and prior experience are important. Prioritize emphasis on these details instead of others.
  • Wasting Space: You should strategize use of every part of your resume. Since it should be limited to only one page, devote all of that to your text instead of designs and other fillers.
  • Making It Too Short or Too Long: Part of using the space on your page wisely is ensuring the text you include is neither too long nor too short. Include as much necessary information as fills the page.

Resume Content
Stephanie Smith
143 Mason Road, Harpursville, CA 11111
Star player on any sanitation team. Energetic and experienced professional with impressive qualifications that include school janitorial services and independent management. Great at cleaning, handling waste, managing sanitation projects, overseeing cleaning efforts and providing clients with a sanitary environment. Dedicated to collaboration and team effort in every situation and committed to accomplishing goals. Looking for a position to put proper sanitation technique expertise to work.
Mastery of time management skills
Expertise in a range of cleaning tools and supplies
Prior experience in sanitation project management
All prior employers highly satisfied with performance
Adept at multitasking and juggling multiple jobs
Ability to write detailed reports and communicate clearly
Familiarity with all restrictions pertaining to chemicals and cleaners
Advanced training completed for hazardous chemical and material handling
Dedicated to providing effective and efficient cleaning
Janitorial Staff
12/1/2012 ? Current
Harpursville Unified School District ? Expertly clean lockers, bathrooms and all other school areas.
Adhere to district protocol for all cleaning processes.
Clean kitchen and cafeteria areas according to code.
Gather and take out garbage throughout school.
Treat floors by sweeping, mopping and polishing.
Maintain regimen of cleaning before, during and after classes.
Promote safety through cleaning the school.
Provide exceptionally clean grounds and exceed expectations.

Independent Cleaning Services Manager
3/1/2010 ? 12/1/2013
Stephanie’s Maid Service ? Coordinated services for commercial and residential clients.
Supervised other staff on cleaning projects and jobs.
Offered cleaning services that satisfied a range of needs.
Created customized solutions for clients who needed special service.
Modified methods and chemicals used based on needs of clients.
Handled unique sanitation needs with innovative solutions.

Associate’s Degree in Hospitality
Harpursville Community College, Harpursville, CA