Free Creative Shift Supervisor Resume Template

Getting the perfect job in today’s employment setting means making yourself stand out above the hundreds of job applicants. When you’re writing your resume for a hip, modern company, your document should mirror that attitude. Transforming what traditionally has been seen as a boring document into something with a little more pizazz takes some work. It’s important to utilize interesting word choices and look for opportunities to show off your unique personality. Here are some pointers that can help you write a creative shift supervisor resume.

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What to Include in a Creative Shift Supervisor Resume

If you have applied for a position with a young company that prides itself on its unique vision, you may want to experiment with a creative shift supervisor resume style. Play around with your phrasing and word choice to make yourself stand out. Go beyond the expected resume content while highlighting your skills and experiences. The person who processes your resume may be going through hundreds of them, so try to get noticed. Despite the creative verbiage, you can keep the format the same with highlights, experience and education in order to get hired.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Generic Phrasing: For a resume designed to be used in a creative job application, it’s important to avoid generic phrases. Get rid of the standard resume language and think of something more inspired.
  • Boring Look: When you are writing a creative resume style, it may be appropriate to add a little design flair to your document. Don’t go overboard with excessive color or distracting graphics.
  • Negative Talk: Whatever you do, don’t write negatively about your previous employer or experiences. Information that positions yourself as bitter can backfire and make a hiring manager eliminate you.
  • Embarrassing Errors: Nothing screams inexperienced and lack of attention to detail than proofreading errors and typos. After you’ve spent extra time making your resume creative and cool, don’t ruin it by forgetting the all-important step of proofreading.
  • Excessive Length: Don’t get so creative that your resume goes beyond one page. Keep information concise and to the point.

Resume Content
Maria Fuentes
86 Woodvale Road, Austin, TX 11111
Skilled and dedicated barista with proven ability to lead and inspire. History of making customers smile and purchase more product. Former math nerd with a high level of accuracy on the cash register. Ability to be everyone’s best friend and push fellow team members to excel. Interested in joining a team of coffee lovers as a shift supervisor.
Meticulously detail oriented
The hardest worker you’ll ever meet
Always smiling and friendly
Multitask juggling expertise
Money skills like a banker
Team cheerleader
Smooth talker and gifted writer
Ready to lead
Customer satisfaction scores of 99%
Known as the solution finder
Type A organization
Solid reputation for tasty food and drinks
6/1/2013 ? 11/1/2014
Moe’s Coffee ? Austin, TX
Helped customers get access to lunch or breakfast during insanely busy moments
Used power of suggestion to upsell at least 40% of the time
Known for a pristine work environment during shift
Demolished previous customer satisfaction survey results with highest score in history
Crafted delectable food and drinks for patrons
Worked a computer point of sale system with a smile

Barista Shift Supervisor
11/1/2014 ? present
Bean ? Austin, TX
Captained a shift team of three employees
Managed to write the weekly schedule without making anyone cry
Kept a perfect cash drawer and accurate sales report data
Pulled in 30% additional customers during slow times
Helped managers and owner create new training materials and procedures
Recruited new employees during interview sessions
Molded new team members by designing training method

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Yeoho College, Dallas, TX