Free Creative Technical Support Resume Template

Creating an outstanding resume is a skill that everyone should have because employers use the resume to determine who is worthy of their time and an interview. A creative style resume is unique and gives you a bit of flexibility in the way you draft this document; however, you don’t want to go overboard or to get overly creative when writing it. Your resume still needs to have certain information and adhere to certain guidelines in order for it to be effective. A creative resume is best for most companies that have a modern, relaxed and casual corporate environment and some startup organizations. To better understand how your resume should look, take a look at our free creative technical support resume template.

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What to Include in a Creative Technical Support Resume

Your creative technical support resume should market your skills, knowledge and expertise in an engaging and unique way. Use synonyms and thoughtful language to detail your credentials while staying relevant to the position you are applying for. Be sure to use language that is simple and easy to understand. Avoid being overly descriptive and vague. You want your originality to shine through in your resume without downplaying your skills and experience.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Adding References: Your resume should reflect today’s resume trends. Putting references on your resume is an outdated practice that should be avoided at all costs.
  • Using the Wrong Tone: All information on your resume should be written in a positive tone. You want to dazzle, impress and enlighten potential employers. Maintaining a positive tone helps.
  • Including an Objective: Your resume should show employers that you have the skills, credentials and experience they want. Objective statements do the opposite and can make your resume ineffective.
  • Listing Hobbies: Your hobbies have no place on your resume unless they are relevant to the position. Relevant hobbies can help to qualify your skills for the job.
  • Excluding Dates: Proofread your resume to ensure that all dates are included.
  • Lack of Relevancy: Do not let your creativity interfere with the relevancy of your resume. Stay focused on the goal. Make sure your resume is fluff-free and delivers the information it needs to without being too wordy.

Resume Content
Mary Mack
456 Mulberry Road, Houston, TX 11111
Creative technical support representative with extensive experience in installing software, antivirus, and updates. Hard-working, extremely passionate, and savvy with mobile devices, wireless networks and app support. Team player and passionate collaborator with advanced knowledge of Java Script. Seeking to gain experience with a cutting-edge mobile electronics organization.
Experienced in mobile app development
Proficient in wireless networking and LAN support
Innovative self-starter
Mastery of file management
Motivated problem solver
Proficient in hardware and software support
Energetic multi-tasker
Creative thinker
Tenacious collaborator
Magnificent written and verbal communication skills
Tier 1 Support Agent
2/12/2016 ? current
Heaven Tech ? Pearland, TX
Provided technical support to clients with online networking problems.
Diagnosed and troubleshot mobile apps for bugs, problems and incompatibility issues.
Managed daily backup and restore for company server.
Configured and deployed upgrades to VPN connections.
Installed updates to printers.
Analyzed department programs and made software recommendations.
Managed escalated customer inquiries.
Meticulously inventoried hardware for various departments.
Tested equipment to ensure proper function and documented all broken products to repair department.
Collaborated with supervisor to coordinate monthly problem resolution testing and training of lower-level team members.
Researched and made suggestions for mobile applications and hardware.
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
Hulks University, Houston, TX