Free Creative Technical Support Specialist Resume Template

Many may view the world of IT and technical support as being cold, robotic, and strictly driven by numbers. However, more and more companies today are emphasizing hiring new employees who subscribe to the same cultures and values that they do. This new hiring philosophy extends to technical support specialists. If you have already identified a company that you would like to work for, then your resume should be structured so as to present you as someone who would fit seamlessly into its employee environment. A resume crafted in a creative style stresses the aspects of your personality that are in line with a prospective employer’s own mission and values. The accompanying tips will help you develop such a document.

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What to Include in a Creative Technical Support Specialist Resume

For many of those hiring for new technical support positions, the initial interview must serve as a method of “feeling out” prospective hires whose skills have already been validated in their resumes. With a creative resume, you allow them to skip this process entirely by showcasing aspects of your personality. This allows them to focus their efforts instead on determining your qualifications based upon factors that they are more familiar with, namely, your technical skills. Thus, a creative resume should offer only enough details on those skills to justify your consideration. You then use the interview as your chance to expound upon them. This way you’re able to make strong initial impression on employers with both your technical expertise and your character.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Being too technical: Your possession of technical skills is implied by your interest in a tech support position. Use your creative resume to instead tell employers who you are.
  • Omitting past work experience: The fact that you’re extremely fun to work with is great, yet conveying that message shouldn’t come at the expense of your past professional experience.
  • Including irrelevant information: Include only those aspects of your personality that could help translate to success in your new job.

Resume Content
Steven Bailey
8526 Circle Way, Glendale, AZ 11111
Bright, young, and enthusiastic technical support specialist new to area in search of position with company within the healthcare industry. Looking for rewarding career where already-acquired skills can assist in helping members of the local community. Dedicated to outstanding systems performance and providing swift issues resolution. Fast learner who’s willing to take instruction and contribute feedback. Want to work with coworkers who share similar goals and interests.
Recognized by frontline employees of previous employer as being the tech support specialist they most looked forward to working with.
Assisted in the development of a streamlined issues reporting system that helped to improve support team productivity.
Selected by peers to sit on multi-department committee to help improve collaborative efforts between the different areas of the company.
Volunteered to help in welcoming and orienting new technical support employees to the department.
Contributed multiple ideas during department staff meetings that were eventually used to update policies and procedures manual.
Instrumental in the creation and implementation of employee interaction period during department staff meetings, which was credited at helping to increase job satisfaction ratings.
Asked to personally oversee inbound issue calls during final six months of tenure.
Participated (with department manager and team leads) in brainstorming sessions with executive team aimed at improving company IT resources.
Served as executive secretary of state chapter of national IT professional organization in 2015.
Elected student resource officer during junior year of college.
IT Support Analyst
Premium Health Insurance Processing Center ? Boise, ID
2014 ? 2016
Call Center Operator
Chester Appliance Customer Service ? Twin Falls, ID
2010 ? 2012
Bachelor of Philosophy
Bell University, Graham Township, ID
Minored in Systems Management.
Participated in study abroad program in Germany during sophomore year
Studies included computer science, electronics, and psychology