Free Entry Level Camp Counselor Resume Template

Entry level resumes are ideal for job seekers who don’t yet have much work experience in the field for which they’re applying. These resumes work well for those who are seeking an internship, another type of unpaid position or one at the ground level. These resumes will have a larger focus on the applicant’s education and skills and may include part-time employment. The accompanying information can help you gain a clear understanding how to design an entry level resume.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Camp Counselor Resume

An entry level resume should be filled with relevant information for the job you are applying for, such as volunteer information, relevant school clubs and your high school GPA. Even if you don’t have much work experience yet, these other factors can help the potential employer understand your strengths and interests. Avoid listing any hobbies unless they relate to your desired job. For instance, playing high school soccer could be useful information to list on a resume for a camp counselor because it shows you have experience with teamwork and physical activity. An entry level resume will have the same sections as other types of resumes, even if the content of the sections looks a bit different.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid Full Sentences: Resumes require certain language. Instead of full sentences that use personal pronouns, write in bullet points and short phrases for easy reading.
  • Don’t Get Too Creative: Creativity is often important, but you will want to show this creativity in your actual content instead of in the presentation. Stick to a standard font and white paper. Unless you are applying for a very creative position, avoid distracting graphics and instead opt for simple embellishes.
  • Don’t Use Fillers: It is a good idea to participate in or list extracurricular activities to avoid the temptation of using filler information. Potential employers find fillers distracting, and they can cause your resume to appear unprofessional.
  • Avoid Including False Information: Putting anything false in your resume can cause serious issues down the line. Even if you are able to convince the employer of its veracity, false information is generally revealed in time. Instead, focus on real strengths that you would bring to the position.

Resume Content
John Storey
485 Easy Street, Portland, OR 11111
Energetic and outgoing individual with a positive attitude seeking camp counselor position. A self-starter with the ability to help children open up and have fun in a camp setting. Experience with activity planning and executing. Looking for an opportunity to use passion for teamwork to change the lives of campers.
Outgoing personality
Strong attention to detail
Reliable and considerate
Ability to maintain confidentiality
Experience on high school planning committee
Volunteer leader in church youth group
Working knowledge of Spanish
Fluent in Microsoft Office and Google Docs
Graduated with honors
Willingness to learn
Passionate about helping youth
Youth Leader
10/1/2014 ? Current
Calvary Church ? Portland, OR
Help lead middle school youth group.
Participate in worship sessions by hooking up microphones, setting out bulletins and welcoming each person.
Provide guidance to middle school students.
Assist in creating activities to foster teamwork and confidence.
Attend weekly meetings with the youth pastor and other leaders.
Help oversee youth during summer trips.
Participate in fundraising efforts for summer programs, including designing fliers and creating a donation website.
Answer parent questions and concerns when needed.
Help with pancake breakfasts, including cooking and setup.
Defer to the youth pastor with any concerns.
Give motivational speeches during youth group sessions.
Portland High School—Portland, OR
High School Diploma, 2016 (GPA 3.9)
Home & School Club scholarship recipient