Free Entry Level Corporate Trainer Resume Template

The excitement of earning your college degree can sometimes wear off if you experience trouble when searching for your first job. You may get discouraged by the number of positions out there requiring experience. The good news is there are plenty of opportunities available to new graduates, and you don’t have to hide behind your lack of experience. Simply use the entry level style for your resume, and stress your transferable skills to show your qualifications. Here is how you can create an effective entry level resume for corporate training.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Corporate Trainer Resume

Once you’ve finalized your degree, then you must get your first job in corporate training. When you arm yourself with a well-written entry level style resume, you can expect to find success. Don’t be embarrassed about your limited experience in the corporate world. Hiring managers are well aware of a new graduate’s lack of professional experience. That doesn’t mean you should skip over the experience section in your resume entirely, though. Brainstorm relevant part-time jobs or internship experiences that fit the bill, and add your education and highlights. Then, you can transform your resume into something much more effective.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Over the Top Embellishments: With an entry level corporate trainer resume, some candidates are tempted to go overboard with past experiences and embellish their duties. Be honest and straightforward with your job responsibilities from the past.
  • Lack of Proofreading: After you’ve spent countless hours writing your resume, don’t forget to proofread. All of your hard work can go to waste if you forget this essential step in the process.
  • Clubs and Extracurricular Time: Once you’ve left college, you can leave off random information about your favorite clubs and extracurricular activities on your resume. Unless it’s directly related to corporate training, it doesn’t need to be part of your resume.
  • Lack of Parallel Style: It’s important to use a consistent parallel word style when listing your previous experiences. If you start with verbs that are in the past tense, stick with that way of writing.

Resume Content
Destiny Smith
915 Trainor Court Cleveland, OH 11111
Eager recent graduate with knowledge of corporate training. History of strong work ethic and efficiency. High level of interest in adult learning and training. Capable of working with all types of personalities. Looking to be part of a corporate training department for a major organization.
College coursework in training methods
Knowledge of brain development
Experience coaching and mentoring others
Strength in breaking down difficult concepts
Invited to be part of school’s honor society
Awarded Knights of Columbus scholarship
Skilled in understanding many different topics
Team building experience
Ability to work well with others
Excellent verbal and written communication
Commitment to professional development
Organized and detailed
Ready to try a variety of training methods
Passion about role in a corporate setting
Part Time Tutor
6/1/2011 ? 12/1/2013
Learning Academy ? Cleveland, OH
Worked with high school students in various subjects.
Developed learning goals for each individual.
Checked for student understanding of subject matter.
Communicated with teachers to assess expectations.
Explained complicated material in simpler terms.
Led students to a greater sense of confidence and success.

Corporate Trainer Intern
8/1/2015 ? Present
Quickco Restaurant Holdings ? Cleveland, OH
Worked under a lead corporate trainer in developing food service training procedures.
Helped write new training materials for servers, cooks and other food service staff.
Incorporated important company objectives within training program.
Led small group sessions with store managers to communicate new training direction.
Assisted with running training classes of new servers.
Used multimedia to deliver information to a classroom of new hires.
Employed assessment methods, both oral and written, to evaluate employee readiness.
Discussed employee progress with store managers.

Bachelor of Science in Business Leadership
Graduated with a 3.85 GPA
Vaughn University, Cincinnati, OH