Free Entry Level Dancer Resume Template

Are you looking for one of your first professional dancing jobs? If so, you’ll need a standout entry level resume to catch your potential employer’s eye. With this type of resume, you’ll want to highlight your education, training and existing skill sets. You’ll also want to bring attention to your drive and motivation to improve professionally. Read on to learn more about this resume template.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Dancer Resume

For your entry level resume, you’ll want to include the most compelling information you have regarding your dance skills and experience. Because you are an entry level dancer, you may have to draw more attention to training and student projects. Feel free to include sports and extracurricular activities from your time in college. In the absence of professional experience, these commitments will show your dedication and ability to juggle responsibilities. Use the sections included in the example as a starting point. If necessary, add a section, but only if the information is relevant.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Dishonesty: As an entry level dancer, it can be tempting to overstate your experience, but you shouldn’t. Be honest to ensure you find a position that is compatible with your professional skill set.
  • Lack of Confidence: With all of your training, you’re ready for the professional world and that’s the image you should project. Employers are more likely to give a rookie a chance if you project confidence.
  • No Keywords: Include keywords like “entry level” and “dancer” in your resume to make it easier to find in job databases. Your employers search for resumes like you search for positions. Think about what your future employer might search for and include those terms.
  • Typos: Even a small typo can seem like a big issue in such a short document. Carefully read over your resume before sending it off. If you want to be certain, read your document out loud to make sure you catch every mistake.
  • No Bullets: Your resume must be easy to read and scan at a glance. Many employers only spend about a minute with your resume. Bullets will help you organize and economize in one move.
  • Irrelevant Information: Leave any details about your hobbies and personal interests out of your resume. Before including a bullet, ask yourself if the information will help your employer understand your professional merits.

Resume Content
Jake Mitchell
2112 Dark Sky Lane, Meadow, VA 11111
Entry level dancer with over 12 years of training in contemporary dance forms including ballroom dance. Quick learner with experience breaking down and teaching ballroom dances to others. Strong performer who feels comfortable in front of any audience. Seeking entry level performance or instructor position with entertainment company.
Modern Ballet
Latin Ballroom: Salsa, Merengue, Tango
Assistant Dance Instructor
1/1/2014 ? 6/1/2016
Youth Dance ? Main Township, VA
Collaborated with Head Dance Instructors to choreograph class lessons and exhibitions.
Evaluated students regularly to ensure they were learning technique.
Taught students ranging from three to 14 years old.
Developed group and solo choreography for dance students’ competitions.
Led classes when Head Instructors needed a substitute.
Led specialized classes for students in need of extra help or advanced instruction.

Dance Camp Counselor
1/1/2011 ? 12/1/2013
Pine Tree Dance Camp ? Lilly, VA
Instructed dance classes in jazz and ballet for ages 10 to 14.
Collaborated with fellow counselors to set curriculum and devise daily lessons.
Traveled with competition team for friendly competitions against similar camps in the area.
Choreographed parent exhibition at the end of the summer camp session.

Bachelors in Contemporary Dance
William and Mary College of Arts, Lilly, VA