Free Entry Level Fashion Assistant Buyer Resume Template

Not everyone has years and years of experience in a field. Some people may just be starting out. In these cases, an entry level resume is the best choice to describe your budding experience in a field of your choice. Unlike other resume types, this type is made for people with little or no work experience, many of whom may be recent graduates. Creating a resume using this method will make the most of your slim professional experience and position you for the jobs you want. The tips, best practices and template below should put you on the right path to a perfect entry level resume.

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What to Include in a Creative Fashion Assistant Buyer Resume

When you’re putting together an entry level resume, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have a lot of experience in the real world. Employers understand that if you’re about to graduate or have recently graduated, you probably won’t have years of applicable job history. Things like academic performance and club memberships can contribute to your knowledge and should be highlighted, along with whatever professional experience you do have, including any part-time and internship positions. Make sure to sum everything up by including key points about your character, experience and skill set in the summary and highlights sections.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Playing Down Your Experience: You have the experience you have, and if you’re persistent and know how to describe that experience, you should have no trouble finding a job. Make the most out of the internships, club memberships, awards and academic honors you’ve received.
  • Producing a Poorly Organized Resume: Remember to keep your resume easy to read. Organize your resume so that the contact information is near the top, the summary is prominent, and the job history starts with most recent position and moves backwards.
  • Lying About How Much Experience You Have: While you shouldn’t hide your talents, you also shouldn’t make any up. If you have only used a specific software once, state your true competency in it without exaggerating or inserting information that is not true. Lying in any form might hurt your chances of getting the job in the end.
  • Neglecting to State Your Intention: Your summary is the perfect place to tell an employer that you’re a recent graduate and state your enthusiasm about getting into a particular field. You can also use this section to give potential employers a snapshot of your skills and abilities. This information all helps paint a more complete picture of you.

Resume Content
Zane Matthews
858 Abrams Lane, Hathaway, VA
Motivated, fashion and business-oriented recent graduate with aspirations of entering the fast-paced fashion industry. Strong academic performer and active in many extracurricular activities. Seeks assistant fashion buyer position with an established retail brand upon completion of internship.
Graduated Summa Cum Laude
Founder of Student Fashion Business Club
Third-place winner on local fashion competition show
Works well with groups
Excellent time management
Fashion Design Intern
5/1/2016 ? 09/2016 (projected)
Gianna’s House of Fashion ? Hathaway, VA
Execute administrative tasks for senior designers
Produce successful preliminary designs
Research and evaluate new trends
Assist in compiling department budgets

Retail Salesperson
8/1/2014 ? 5/1/2016
Alterra Activewear ? Hathaway, VA
Maintained the highest sales record out of all the sales team members
Became one of three key holders
Awarded salesperson of the year for exceeding promotion sales benchmarks by 30%
Increased customer retention by 25%
Introduced new advertising and promotion ideas that brought in 40% more store traffic

Founder and Chairman
9/25/2013 ? 5/10/2016
Hathaway College Fashion Business Club
Bachelor of Science in Fashion Business Hathaway College, Hathaway, VA