Free Entry Level Foreign Language Teacher Resume Template

If you’re ready to get your first teaching position, you’ll need a stellar entry level resume. This resume style should highlight professional potential as well as your existing skills and experience. While in your first two to three years in the teaching field, you should stick with this resume style. Look over the entry level foreign language teacher template below to gain a deeper understanding of this resume.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Foreign Language Teacher Resume

On your entry level resume, feel free to include some of your more impressive college activities. For example, being the editor of the school paper or participating in a volunteer tutoring program are great for this resume. While you shouldn’t include most of your hobbies, school sports teams can be listed on your resume as they showcase dedication. Highlight your most compelling skills and experience on your resume and focus on showing your potential. If necessary, add a section for your extracurricular activities.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Typing Errors: As a teacher, typos on your resume can certainly put a wrench in the works. Make sure you carefully proofread your final product before sending it off.
  • Lack of Bullets: Bullets are essential to the organization of the traditional resume. Bullets make your resume easier to read and scan, and they economize your space usage.
  • Lack of Keywords: Think about the keywords employers will input into their searches. In this case, you should include words like “entry level, ” “teacher,” and your key language.
  • Including References: At this point in the job market, references are meant to be kept in a separate document. Only give your references if you are asked for them.
  • Resume Length: The average resume is about one page long. Extensive careers may warrant longer, but as an entry level teacher, one page should be plenty of space.
  • Dishonesty: You may be tempted to overstate your skills, but stick with the facts. As an entry level teacher, your employers should be fine with your green status.

Resume Content
Jackson Delaware
1430 New Bern Road, Newcastle, DE 11111
Entry level foreign language teacher with full fluency in Spanish, French and German. Highly motivated and organized foreign language teacher with strong leadership skills and extensive tutoring experience. Seeking entry level employment in strong academic environment that will allow for professional development.
Highly sought after professional tutor
Strong technology skill sets
Diverse instructional strategies
Excellent communication skills
Knowledge of behavior management methods
Microsoft Office Suite
Student Teacher
1/1/2016 ? 6/1/2016
Delaware High School ? Janesville, DE
Supported mentor teacher throughout lessons by preparing student packets, helping students and answering questions.
Executed personally made lesson plans with the guidance of mentor teacher.
Provided extra support and practice for struggling students after class.
Aided in the running of French club, including collecting fees, gathering permission slips, and presenting important information about upcoming events.
Studied the teaching methods of mentor teacher and discussed why certain teaching tactics work.
Led class language practices and helped correct pronunciation.

Middle and High School French and Spanish Tutor
1/1/2013 ? 6/1/2016
Delaware State Tutoring Center ? Janesville, DE
Provided free tutoring services to middle and high school students attending schools near Delaware State.
Worked with parents and other tutors to establish strong and individualized tutoring plan for each child.
Ensured instruction prepared students for upcoming tests and concepts in the classroom.
Organized weekly practice packets for French and Spanish students at the tutoring center.
Worked one-on-one with each student to pinpoint critical needs and give attention required to grasp concepts firmly.
Practiced speaking in groups and with other tutoring students to encourage fluency and confidence.
Bachelor in Foreign Language Instruction
Delaware State, Janesville, Delaware