Free Entry Level Legal Internship Resume Template

Applying for your first legal internship can seem daunting because you may not have much work experience, whether it is paid or unpaid. Often, the trick is to emphasize your skills and your educational background. You should also think about relevant projects and coursework you have done. Looking over entry level resume templates is a great starting point, and we have a sample free entry level legal internship resume below; you will find a few valuable tips at the end after the resume.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Legal Internship Resume

As you write an entry level legal internship resume, pay attention to transferable skills. For example, if you led a class project with a team of five, you have experience in teamwork, communication, collaboration and research. Include volunteer work and internships if they are relevant, and be sure to play up your skills and educational experience. Make your resume text easy to read by using bullet points.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Clarifying Your Law School Status Early On: As you probably know, you do not need to be in law school to get many legal internships. Still, employers like to know your law school status early on in a resume, so use the summary section to clarify whether you are an undergraduate student or a law student (maybe you are even a high school student). You can write in the highlights section that you are seeking admission to law school if it is occurring in the next year.
  • Apologizing: It is natural to feel bad that you do not have much experience. However, you still have much to offer, and experience is not everything. Never apologize for a lack of experience, and focus on the many things you have to offer.
  • Exaggerating: With a lack of experience may come the desire to exaggerate. For example, you may want to add a job responsibility or two that you do not have or make a cashier or assistant manager title into a manager title. Don’t do it; emphasize your skills and education.
  • Listing Too Much: Softball, basketball, drama club, reading to kindergarteners, yearbook club…you could be involved in many activities, but be selective about which you list. Look for importance, relevance, leadership positions and transferable skills such as collaboration and research.

Resume Content
Marcy Jones
168 Main Street, Scanbright, FL 11111
Innovative, team-driven women’s studies major fluent in English and Spanish. Skilled in intensive research and meeting deadlines. Classes in employment law, family law and domestic violence law. Seeking opportunity to conduct legal research on women’s issues for a law firm or nonprofit organization.
Wrote well-reviewed paper on the unintended consequences of drug sentencing guidelines on women
Presented paper on domestic violence and the loss of housing during women’s rights conference
Bilingual in English and Spanish
Managing editor for Scanbright University student newspaper
Volunteer for domestic violence hotline
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Seeking admission to law school in [year]
Crisis Counselor
6/1/2015 ? Present
Stop Domestic Violence ? Scanbright, FL
Direct women and men struggling with abuse to community resources.
Provide information on domestic violence.
Maintain ethical standards of conduct.
Discuss domestic violence issues with chatters on telephone and live online chat.
Document calls using Word and Access.

Managing Editor
8/1/2015 ? Present
Scanbright University Bee ? Scanbright, FL
Manage daily operations for newspaper serving 10,000 students.
Supervise publication calendar.
Oversee a staff of 20.
Ensure that deadlines are met.
Coordinate both print and online operations.
Recruit and hire journalists.
Develop training and educational opportunities for staff.

Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies, expected 06/2017
Scanbright University, Scanbright, FL