Free Medical Receptionist Entry Level Resume Template

The resume is what earns you a job interview, and it is the first aspect of your job application process to catch the attention of employers. When you are looking for work, prioritizing your resume is the best strategy to maximize your chances of being hired. Having less experience can make creating a strong resume difficult, but entry level resumes are not actually too difficult to write. Ultimately, the medical receptionist position is typically an entry level job, so hiring managers are already expecting a resume with slightly less experience, meaning you do not have anything to worry about, but keep in mind that you also have an opportunity to really blow employers away.

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What to Include in a Medical Receptionist Entry Level Resume

Entry level resumes should usually include all the standard sections and not vary too much from the format. It is always important to judge the position opening and company yourself and decide the best approach to applying. This means it may be appropriate and effective to find a unique approach, but always at least include a summary, skill section, experience information, and education section. Your minimal experience may make filling some of these sections out tricky, so you should find a professional approach that works for your resume. In the end, you should not worry too much, as employers know what level of experience to expect with entry level resumes.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Putting career objectives in the summary section: Do not describe what you hope to attain in your resume. It is common to include this information in the summary, as it used to be typical to do so, but this is considered incorrect now. Instead, describe your unique character traits and any relevant work history you have.
  • Neglecting your experience section: You may have little or possibly even no work history, but not having this section will instantly make readers consider you a much less viable option. Include volunteer work, unrelated jobs or school responsibilities that you can apply to the medical receptionist position.
  • Writing too little: It can be difficult to include enough to fill your resume entirely, but it is important to do so. Your goal is one full page. It can also be just as bad if your resume uses two pages due to wordiness or poor formatting. Be sure to shoot for just one page and manage your content accordingly.
  • Not considering what the appearance says about you: You should look at your resume and think about what readers will think at a glance. If there are many large blocks of text, it will be hard to read. If there are gaps and big empty spaces, it will look sparse and unqualified. Identify these instances and take the time to revise them.
  • Skipping the review step: Always proofread your resume to catch the stray typographical errors. It is totally unacceptable for mistakes to make it into the final version, and it will make you seem incautious, unprofessional and inattentive. Even though you are applying for an entry level position, employers are still looking for the most professional candidate possible.

Resume Content
Albert Robinson
7845 Lakeview Blvd, Detroit, MI 11111
Results-driven customer service professional ready to begin assisting guests and providing excellent communication in medical receptionist position. Candidate offers attention to detail and excellent approach to administrative tasks.
Friendly communication skills
Schedule management
Versatile and flexible
Service experience
Customer Service Representative
1/1/2015 ? Current
Harry’s ? Greet all guests consistently
Listen closely to any customer inquiries
Perform minor scheduling duties
Manage inventory and unload deliveries
Communicate effectively
Detroit High – High School Diploma (GPA 3.95)
Detroit, MI