Entry Level Research Associate Resume Template

Whether you are switching careers or fresh off an internship, one skill that you should have is resume writing. The best entry level candidates are those who are able to take their education, experiences and any applicable skills and use them to draft a CV that clearly demonstrates their professional prowess. Our free entry level research associate level resume template and guide can help you to master this skill. You should use an entry level resume when you are applying for jobs that do not require much or any experience. Take a look at this guide to learn how to hone your resume writing skills.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Research Associate Resume

When creating your resume, you should list all applicable skills, talents and experience that pertain to the position you are applying for. Employers should be able to see your qualifications right away so they can determine if you are an ideal candidate for the role. Even if you do not have much skill or experience for the position, listing student positions, internships and volunteer experiences on your resume can help you to qualify for an entry level research associate position.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • No Keywords: Employers often use keywords to screen for resumes that are relevant to the positions they are recruiting for. Adding keywords naturally from the job description can help to make it easier for recruiters to find your resume faster.
  • Too Long in Length: It is very important for you to condense all of the information you need into one page. To accomplish this, you should list all important and relevant information first.
  • Rushing Through the Drafting Process: You need this document to sell your skills and to highlight to any potential employer why you would be an invaluable asset. Not reviewing your resume before you send it off can cause recruiters to skip over it if it is full of grammatical and spelling errors. Always read your resume out loud to yourself several times, use spell check and a grammar correction program to ensure that your CV is error-free.
  • Lack of Focus: Your resume needs to be focused. Keeping it centered on skills and accomplishments that pertain to the research associate position you are applying for can also enable you to keep it to down to one page.

Resume Content
Tom Ford
432 Milky Rocks Road, Tunsleytown, Arkansas 11111
555. 435.5346
Highly focused and analytical research professional with a strong background in stem research and biotechnology. Committed to achieving all goals in a highly efficient manner while meeting deadlines. Meticulous and extremely attentive to details, with logical design and critical thinking skills. Seeking fresh opportunity with innovative and fast-paced bioengineering company.
Graduated top three percent
Superior knowledge in biotechnology
Deadline driven
Innovative thinker
Highly motivated and dedicated
Team contributor
Eager overachiever
Willingness to learn
Above average oral and written competency
Student Laboratory Assistant
8/1/2015 ? 4/1/2016
Harrisburg University ? Coakley, AR
Collected samples and data to record observations.
Monitored projects for new developments and recorded all changes.
Conducted research projects for new design and test procedures.
Demonstrated mastery of biological technology engineering concepts.
Analyzed data and interpreted it for further analysis by upper-level technicians and scientists.
Performed routine testing on test subjects.
Inventoried and recorded all laboratory equipment; tested it daily to ensure proper operations and reported all defective items for repairs.
Performed chemical analysis on test subjects, chemical compounds and other materials.
Designed, tested and monitored experiments.
Developed new procedures and laboratory processes for improved operations.
Developed and tested the validity of theories and created reports that documented supporting evidence.
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
Harrisburg University, Coakley, AR