Free Entry Level Sanitation Resume Template

If you’re fresh off an internship and looking for a position to continue building your skills in, an entry level resume is an important part of landing your next job. By approaching your resume as an entry level endeavor, you can more effectively tout your qualifications and pursue the jobs that are appropriate for your skill level. This is best when you’re a recent graduate or have little experience in the field. Unlike an executive resume, there’s no pressure to build yourself up for top-level positions. Review the following tips for more information on making the most of your resume.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Sanitation Resume

When you start writing your entry level sanitation resume, you should be sure to include all of your skills and qualifications. Because you don’t have extensive experience in the field, emphasizing your willingness to learn may be beneficial, but the position you apply for should guide the overall contents of your resume. No matter how you construct it, sticking to a basic format of sections will keep it organized and easy to read.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Claiming More Experience Than You Have: You’re submitting an entry level resume for an entry level position, so it can actually be suspect to have too much experience on the pages. It’s also dishonest, and misrepresenting anything on your resume can have negative consequences.
  • Emphasizing Irrelevant Experience: If you have food service experience, draw on the parts of it that are relevant to the position you want. You’re only wasting space by focusing on the parts of the job that have no relevance to your desired job. Spend that space on the importance of your relevant experience instead.
  • Overlooking Important Traits: You might not think that teamwork is an important skill derived from a part-time job, but traits like this are actually great to emphasize. Teamwork, work ethic and flexibility are necessary no matter what line of work you are in, so they are always good to draw attention to.
  • Failing to Proofread: One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a job candidate is failing to find typos in your resume. In addition to spellcheck, proofread all text on your resume. One mistake makes a poor first impression and can cost you an opportunity, but it’s hardly any effort to double-check your text.
  • Neglecting to Highlight Advancements: If you’ve received an advance or raise, this should be clear on your resume. Highlight this by noting different job titles within a company and specifying separate duties.

Resume Content
Stephanie Smith
143 Mason Road, Harpursville, CA 11111
Sanitation professional with internship experience. Eager to continue learning in the field and find an entry-level position where I can apply the skills I’ve already obtained. Prior role in sanitation involved training with tasks such as waste management, chemical precautions and proper cleaning protocol. Dedicated to applying these skills to next job and taking opportunities to expand knowledge while working in a supportive team environment.
Cleaning experience
Basic familiarity with cleaning chemicals
Ability to complete basic sanitation tasks
Superior work ethic
Leadership ability
Eagerness to learn
Team player
Focus on tasks
Skilled at multi-tasking
Crew Member
6/1/2015 ? Current
McDonald’s ? Maintain proper food handling techniques
Keep workspace clean and tidy
Handle cleaning chemicals
Serve customers
Work together with rest of teams

Janitorial Intern
12/1/2015 ? 6/1/2016
Harpursville Unified School District ? Trained with lead janitors
Swept and mopped floors
Assisted with daily tasks
Became familiar with cleaning protocols
Managed and disposed of trash throughout the school

Harpursville High School – Harpursville, CA
High School Diploma, 2016 (GPA: 3.5)
Honors: Cum Laude diploma