Free Entry Level Special Education Teacher Resume Template

It can be challenging for new graduates to look for work after leaving school. Without experience, you have to focus on presenting your talents and skills in top form with an entry level resume. A special educator who has recently graduated may have to apply to several different school districts to find the right job. It’s important to focus on what you can offer your future school with your resume writing. Here are some easy tips that can help you make a great resume.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Special Education Teacher Resume

After graduation, it’s time to apply to your first teaching job in special education. You must be ready with a solid resume written in the entry level style to get called back for an interview. When a school system looks at the resumes of new graduates, they realize you don’t have professional teaching experience. School administrators do, however, expect to see pertinent experience and education listed on your resume. It’s vital to include information about past jobs or internships, even part-time ones, that are relevant to a position in special education. You can also include important details from your time spent studying in college. This approach can help your entry level resume be even more impressive.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Unprofessional Details: For your first go at getting a job after graduation, make sure your resume is appropriate. Use an email address that is simple instead of one that screams young college student.
  • Errors and Mistakes: Proving your attention to detail is tough if you’ve failed to notice glaring grammatical errors in your resume. Be sure to print out your resume, and go through it several times to find any mistakes.
  • Made up Information: Don’t stress out about having an entry level resume so much that you decide to be dishonest. Your lack of experience is less of a problem than lying to your future employer.
  • Inconsistent Style: Like any writing, make sure you are consistent in your word choice. Stick with one verb tense and keep your verbs strong and powerful.

Resume Content
Leo Johnson
12 Marigold Way Trenton, NJ 11111
New college graduate with a degree in special education. Strong attention to detail and positive attitude. Passion for education and helping kids learn. History of working with children in a variety of settings. Interested in a special educator position for fall.
Degree in special education
Coursework in methods of teaching
Trained in IEP process
Lesson planning experience
Recognized as student of the month
Recipient of Distinguished Educator’s Scholarship
Knowledge of many subjects
Understanding of Common Core
Excellent teamwork ability
Top skills in writing and communicating
Easygoing and ready to learn
Strong sense of organization
Unique approach to classroom discipline
Motivated and excited about field
Camp Counselor
6/1/2011 ? 8/1/2011
Young Cubs Camp ? Newark, NJ
Supervised a small group of 10 campers.
Organized indoor activities for crafts, games and art.
Ran various outdoor sports enrichment activities.
Responded to sick or injured students quickly and effectively.
Accommodated campers with disabilities to increase participation.
Led campers on team-building experiences to maximize enjoyment.

Special Education Teacher Intern
8/1/2015 ? Present
Richards County Public School System ? Richards County, NJ
Assigned three separate field experiences in elementary, middle and high school.
Crafted lesson plans in the subject matter with mentor teacher.
Used best reading instruction practices to address student reading objectives.
Created appropriate math scaffolding activities to assist struggling students.
Assisted with IEP meetings and reviews.
Helped write new and updated IEP or BIP documents.
Used motivating strategies to give students more confidence in subject matter.
Graded student work using teacher-prepared rubrics.

Bachelor of Science in Special Education
Graduated with a 3.9 GPA
Member of Kappa Psi Honor Society
Miller University, Oswaega, NJ