Free Entry Level Veterinary Technician Resume Template

Veterinary technicians must pass postsecondary programs, whether they are on the associate level or the bachelor’s level, to get vet tech work. Many states also require passing an exam for certification. Thus, it is understandable that many beginning veterinary technicians lack specific types of work experience. Use an entry level resume to highlight your skills and educational background; to see what we mean, read over the sample free entry level veterinary technician resume below as well as the tips that follow.

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What to Include in an Entry Level Veterinary Technician Resume

In an entry level resume, you highlight your skills and accomplishments because you often lack specific kinds of work experience. Fortunately, externships and internships are a staple of veterinary technician programs, so you should have at least some applicable work experience to detail. No matter what, though, help your lists stand out through the use of bullet points, and you should use keywords from job descriptions to determine what aspects of your background to include.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Including High School Information: Putting high school details on an entry level resume is tempting, but avoid the temptation. You have at least a college degree in progress, so include that. If you have not yet graduated, include your expected graduation month and year.
  • Skipping Relevant Information: Maybe you do not have veterinary technician experience per se, but you may have experience as a volunteer or as a laboratory animal caretaker/veterinary assistant. These positions can be great to include on resumes to supplement internship or externship experience.
  • Forcing Work Details: Jobs such as pizza delivery person, fast food cashier, department store stocker and so on usually do not need to be on a veterinary technician resume. It is often best to list volunteer experience that relates to animals rather than paid, unrelated jobs. If you must list unrelated jobs, however, focus on transferable skills such as computer programs, communication, organization, collaboration and an orientation toward detail.
  • Playing Up Responsibilities: You may want to exaggerate the work you did in an internship or externship. It is best not to; the people who may hire you have a pretty good idea of what your job duties probably were, and being caught fudging details does not spell good news for your job chances. Your overall credentials speak for themselves, so let them.

Resume Content
Jack Hawkins
334 Windy Acres Street, Roanoke, VA 11111
Professional and dedicated Certified Veterinary Technician. Externships with small-animal and large-animal clinics; work experience with animals spans 10 years. Well-versed in current veterinary medicine trends. Seeking opportunity with any type of animal clinic.
Certified Veterinary Technician
Licensed in Virginia
4.0 GPA in veterinary technician program
Calm and gentle handling of 100+ companion pets
Met diverse challenges with large animals
Author of papers on surgical nursing and on streamlining technician efficiency
Shelter volunteer for 10 years
Excellent math skills
Attention to detail
Great communicator
Veterinary Technician Externship
5/1/2016 ? 7/1/2016
Large Animals Veterinary Practice ? Roanoke, VA
Focused primarily on large animals such as cows, sheep and horses.
Recognized common diseases and communicated with supervising veterinarian.
Used safety measures to prevent the spread of disease.
Took animal histories to best determine treatment plans.
Identified nutrient needs of animals.
Communicated with animal owners about the health of their animals.
Worked many on-call shifts, 24 hours a day

Veterinary Technician Externship
5/1/2015 ? 7/1/2015
Small and Large Companions ? Salem, VA
Participated as part of a veterinary team to treat small companion animals.
Received many compliments on excellent bedside manner.
Performed medical mathematics and helped dispense patient prescriptions.
Delivered dental care.
Helped with wound dressing and wound care.
Collected blood, tissue and urine samples.

Veterinary Technology Associate of Applied Science, 07/2016
Ball Ridge Community College, Ball Ridge, VA