Free Executive Chief Executive Officer Resume Template

If you are applying for an executive position, you will need to craft a strong executive style resume if you want to get hired. These resumes are for individuals who have obtained high-level positions within a company and possess at least two decades of experience. This style’s professional language and emphasis on experience means that it may not be the best choice for entry-level workers and individuals working in the creative fields. The executive chief executive officer resume template and the tips listed below can provide you with some direction the next time you are writing your own resume.

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What to Include in an Executive Chief Executive Officer Resume

An executive resume, as the name implies, is the best type of resume for executives and other established corporate leaders. Unlike the other resume types, which can be utilized by the majority of workers, executive resumes should only be used by individuals with at least 20 years of work experience. When writing an executive resume, individuals should be sure to use professional language and formatting. Despite the fact that most executives possess over two decades of work experience, you should only provide details about the last 10 to 15 years of your career.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Including Irrelevant Information: When writing an executive resume, you should only include information about your career over the last one and a half decades. Do not provide information about older jobs or jobs that do not relate to your executive management background.
  • Lying and Embellishing: Looking for a job can be difficult, and at times, you may be tempted to bend the truth. This is a bad idea and one of the quickest ways to ensure that you don’t get the job. Be honest and open about your work history.
  • Too Little Information: When writing an executive resume, you will need to extensively discuss your skills, qualifications, and professional background. If your resume lacks information that the reader deems necessary, he or she will not be able to fully evaluate your potential.
  • No Results: As an executive, you should emphasize your ability to set goals and generate positive, tangible results. Companies only want executives that are capable of being proactive and achieving corporate goals.

Resume Content
Charles Martin
10362 Wakefield Avenue, Scarsdale, NY 11111
Experienced and multitalented operating executive seeking challenging and dynamic leadership role in the pharmaceutical industry. Results-oriented and capable of increasing revenue and implementing growth policies. Vast knowledge in marketing, finance, management, and operations, with a strong desire to positively represent the company brand. Successful 23-year history of directing others and exceeding company expectations.
Leadership skills
Strategic planning
Organizational restructuring
Contract and deal negotiation
Partnership development
Strong communication
Financial analysis and reporting
Capital raising
Revenue growth and management
Chief Executive Officer
H & K Pharmaceutical Solutions ? New York, NY
7/1/2003 ? Present

Oversee team of 60+ pharmacists, accountants, chemists, and other professionals.
Communicate long-term growth goals to team, department president, and CEO.
Compile financial reports and statements for corporate headquarters.
Assist other executives with the development and implementation of marketing campaigns.
Foster close relationships with external clients and research firms.
Travel to corporate branches in London, San Francisco, and Amsterdam to ensure adherence to company policies.
Secured equity funding worth $8 million from various private banks, an increase of 27% over last quarter.
Implemented marketing campaign that increased sales by 17% and revenue by 32% in five years.
Facilitated $27 million acquisition of state-funded medical research facility.
Personally secured 12 accounts with private, academic, and government health organizations worth $24.9 million.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Columbia University
Master of Science in Chemistry – Johns Hopkins University