Free Professional Apartment Leasing Consultant Resume Template

As a driven individual seeking a job in apartment leasing, you want to make the best impression possible on your potential employers. A professional apartment leasing consultant resume template is a key thing to have if you want to describe a sequential and logical job history. Use the best practices, tips and advice below as a guide to help you achieve professional resume perfection.

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What to Include in a Professional Apartment Leasing Consultant Resume

A professional apartment leasing consultant resume should portray you as a serious person who has had a fairly linear career path, with each position leading to another of higher importance, rank and responsibility. Employers like to see this continuity between positions. In your professional resume, play up the cohesion in your career, then continue this theme in your job experience, where you should list out sequential positions even at the same company. If your career truly has been logical and organized, your education will probably be in the same field as your experience and the highlights of your resume will include items that show your depth of knowledge in a certain area.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Neglecting to Use the Right Action Verbs: Action verbs catch the reader’s eye and make your experience sound as impressive as it is. Show potential employers what you have done and accomplished with action verbs like grew, led, built, and improved.
  • Leaving in Spelling Mistakes: Clerical errors in resumes are a beginner mistake that serious professionals should avoid making. Check your resume multiple times to ensure accuracy. Also check for commonly confused words like affect/effect, its/it’s and their/they’re/there.
  • Leaving Positions Lumped Together: If you held several positions at the same company, separate them out. Doing this shows how your responsibilities grew as you moved up from one position to the next and paints you as a serious worker.
  • Using Inconsistent Formatting: From each section and entry to the next, make sure that the way you format your resume (from fonts to capitalization to punctuation) remains consistent. This shows that you took extra care to produce an amazing resume.
  • Speaking Too Informally: Your resume is a reflection of what kind of office worker you will be. Think about the kind of person your resume describes. If your wording comes across as flippant or careless, you may need to revise your resume to make it sound more professional.

Resume Content
Matthew Devlin
9740 West Ash Drive, Culhane, WA 11111
Driven, focused professional with considerable experience in property leasing seeking a position as an apartment leasing consultant with serious, successful company. Upwardly mobile and educated individual with customer service, sales and leadership training looking to grow in management abilities.
Five years of membership in Culhane Area Apartment Leasing Professionals Association, with positions ranging from Treasurer to President
Business school-educated professional
Trained in best practices for management, decision making, leadership and goal setting
Strong work ethic
Leasing Associate
6/1/2011 ? Current
Culhane Apartment Homes Inc. ? Culhane, WA
Successfully conduct tours of apartment complex
Maintain a sales success rate of 85%
Coordinate apartment move-in and move-out procedures
Conduct background checks on potential tenants
Market the apartment community using digital and social methods
Increase inquiries by 50%
Improve Yelp ratings by 1.5 stars
Resolve in-person complaints with a satisfaction rate of 95%

Leasing Assistant
6/1/2009 ? 6/1/2011
Culhane Apartment Homes Inc. ? Culhane, WA
Managed tour schedule for entire apartment complex
Organized and managed follow-up on all maintenance requests
Compiled new member packets
Ensured office remained stocked with all supplies
Facilitated repair of any office equipment

Master of Business Administration
Haverly Business School, Haverly, WA
Bachelor of Science in International Business
Haverly University, Haverly, WA