Free Professional Case Manager Resume Template

If you are serious about landing the case manager job you want, it is time to devote substantial time and effort to developing a strong resume. Many healthcare-related companies that hire case managers tend to have professional environments and prefer candidates who demonstrate an appropriate mindset. Your resume is the best indicator of personality type available to a prospective employer. Use the following professional case manager resume template and the accompanying tips in order to get a better idea of appropriate phrasing and tone.

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What to Include in a Professional Case Manager Resume

Your professional case manager resume should present the full range of credentials and experiences that make you a good candidate for the position. Typically, case managers are required to have both clinical knowledge and superlative administrative skills. Make sure to highlight your communication and negotiation skills, as these are also important attributes employers look for. Experience and knowledge that are not relevant to your performance as a case manager should usually be omitted, as they would only distract from relevant information.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Negativity: Put-downs have no place on a professional resume, whether the negativity is directed at yourself or previous employers or co-workers. Even if you have real, legitimate grievances against prior workplaces, projecting negativity can scuttle your job search.
  • Lack of Bullet Points: A significant part of presenting a neat, organized resume is using bullet points to highlight skills and experiences. Formatting in this manner draws the eye to your accomplishments and facilitates a quick, easy read-through.
  • Failure to Update: Standards for resume appearance and content change over the years, and what was once universally required can now appear unforgivably outdated. Before sending out your resume, research the current standards for your field and type of employer.
  • Mass Mailings: Employers can tell when they are looking at the same resume that has been sent out to hundreds of others. Show that you really want the job by tailoring your resume to a specific employer every time. The effort is well worth it, as it considerably raises the chances of being called for an interview.

Resume Content
Lee Wilson
443 Carter Road, Midtown, CT 11111
Goal-oriented, efficient manager with excellent communication and negotiation skills. Proven track record of increasing medical savings. Communicated with providers, vendors, claims staff and legal department. Resolved disputes regarding claims coverage. Streamlined workflow and documentation protocols to increase efficiency and cut costs. Developed and implemented programs to facilitate patient rehabilitation and return to work, resulting in substantial cost reduction. Trained and mentored staff members in clinical resources and policy and procedure departments. Searching for a case management position that will utilize my skills and knowledge.
Highly organized and detail oriented
Results-oriented problem solver
Excellent communicator and negotiator
Flexible in adapting to workplace needs
Motivated team leader
Clinically knowledgeable
ARC Insurance Co. ? Greentown, CT

Medical and Disability Case Manager
4/1/2007 ? Current
Develop and implement strategies for evaluation of medically complex claims with referral for legal hearing or peer review as necessary.
Review claims for appropriate action.
Facilitate appropriate and cost effective care for accounts.
Monitor disability management.
Evaluate claims for appropriate management and strategic adjustment.
Identify potential legal issues and communicate with claims examiner and legal department.

Greater CT Insurance ? Greentown, CT

Nurse Case Manager
2/1/2000 ? 3/1/2007
Assisted clinical manager in staff training and continuing education.
Coordinated medical care and disability management.
Assisted development of return-to-work programs.
Assisted in preparation of claims for peer review and IME.
Averaged over 96 percent on QA scores.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Connecticut College, Greentown, CT
RN License in CT and NY